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Trip in August? Advice?

So, my family lives a good 6-7 hour drive from where I live now. They are begging me to come visit. Along with many relatives and friends who have not met our LO. I guess I feel hesitant about it, because I would be driving by myself because my husband would have to stay back because of work. I am sure it's doable and I'm sure many here have taken long car rides with their babies, so any tips?? It'll be just me and my baby. Am I crazy or not?
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Re: Trip in August? Advice?

  • Not at all crazy.  I did a 10 hour drive with Jack when he was 6 months old and it really wasn't a big deal.  He hung out in his car seat and slept or looked out of the window.  Every couple of hours we would stop, change his diaper, nurse, stretch our legs, get gas or go to the bathroom if needed.  I got up and left in the wee hours of the morning so he would sleep for the first chunk of the drive.  It actually was fine.  10 hours is a long drive by oneself--I was totally exhausted at the end of it--but 6 or 7 wouldn't be totally insane.
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    That's a really long drive to be smushed into a carseat. How does baby normally do? Sleep or awake? If s/he is usually awake in the car then I don't think I would do it. But I'm a little gun shy because my baby was freaking out for an entire two hour trip where H was driving and I sat in the back to try and keep her occupied. So I wouldn't try it alone.
    If she slept in the car then I might give it a go. But if not then I'd have the family make the drive.
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  • We did a 6 hour trip to DC when dd was one month, it took 8 hours after all the stops, but we survived! We've also done a 4 hour drive ended up taking 5 hours with stops to nurse. Just plan breaks for you and LO to change diapers, nurse and play a bit. You'll be fine!
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  • We are doing what is normally a 12-hour drive in August.  We are going as a family, but I am also nervous for the length of time it is.  I think just planning on stopping every few hours and taking our time is a good idea.  We might end up breaking our trip up over two days.  I don't think you are crazy, but be ready to be flexible with your drive time!



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