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Mosquito Bites

I'm looking for some advice or reccomendations. My LO has a reaction to mosquito bites and it seems to be getting worse. The usual bites would result in a large welt that begins to become rough to the touch and then lasts for about 2 weeks. This summer in our area it is much worse than last year and so far he's gotten approximately 10 mosquito bites. Yesterday's reaction was the worse, his entire left side of his face and forehead were very swollen. It appeared he got bite three times all in the same location. We use bug sprays and are currently purchasing a bug zapper for our yard but it seems he is still getting bitten. Does anyone elses LO have this type of reaction and is there anything that can be done to help alleviate this reaction. He loves playing outside and it breaks my heart to keep him in. I've called our pediatrician to get some advice on how to handle this, I'm waiting for a call back.
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Re: Mosquito Bites

  • DD had a nasty reaction to (what we assume were) mosquito bites.  The bites became very swollen, then filled with a clear liquid, and then ruptured.  We took her to the Pediatrician and he recommended applying hydrocortisone cream twice a day. He also prescribed an awesome antibiotic cream.  That stuff is amazing!  We have since used it for all sorts of 'boo-boos'. 

    I have bad reactions to bites also.  Looks like DD inherited it from me.  We keep bug spray on her while she is out side for that reason.

  • Tongue Tied we are in south Florida and have the same problem!!! I actually pulled the car over while driving when i saw a HUGE mosquito biting the crap out of LO's head! ! It got him 9 times!!

    I have the clip on OFF that we use. Another trick is a FAN. When we are out at the barn, i set up LO's pack N Play in front of a fan. That helps keep them away.

    I really dont use Deep Wood's off on LO, but will spray his his pants and shirt.

    Hope that helps.

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  • This use to happen to me and it happens to my DD. Immediately apply rubbing alcohol on the bites. This will help bring swelling down and stop some of the itch. Then after that dries apply hydrocortisone or some anti itch cream so LO doesn't scratch.

    Try using a different bug repellant.

    This is the Consumer Reports bug repellant review:

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  • We use off family with deet in the evenings b/c that is when there is the greatest risk of a west nile carrying mosquito (apparently to a local news report I saw, so I only assume this is correct). We also use off natural combined with a fan in the earlier hours b/c our pedi said to only use deet 1x per day. This is even though we live in a west nile area (Texas). Our pedi suggested hydrocortisone on bites asap after he gets them to try to prevent swelling.

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  • I don't have any real experience with this but I would definitely schedule a pedi appointment. It looks like your LO isn't quite 2 yet so the doctor may have some recommendations or even products to avoid.

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  • I have nothing to help but just wanted to say thanks for asking, I'm learning from the answers.  It's timely because we're going camping in a few weeks. So thanks!
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  • Thanks everyone for the advice! I spoke to the pediatrician and it seems that LO especially around this age often have local reactions to mosquito bites. And especially because I get a swollen from them, it looks like he inheritated a similar reaction. They advised to apply the hydrocortisone no more than 4-5 days and to apply a product with less than 10% deet to their clothes and then a deet free product like Avon skin so soft to their body. So looks like it's gonna be a long summer with these bites, but hopefully if we buy some outdoor bug killers it'll help
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  • DD has the same type of reaction. As soon as I notice she has been bit I put benedryl cream on the bite and give her allergy medicine (benedryl if it is bedtime and zyrtec if it is during the day). It seems to minimize the reaction. Last year her eye was swollen shut for a few days. They look terrible, but DD doesn't act like she is that bothered by them. The pedi said the reaction should lessen as she gets older.

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