EP: Clogged Milk Duct Trouble

Hey Ladies, 

I have a bad clogged duct, it's been about 2 days and I've tried everything I know how to do.  I've done heat treatments, massage, and even a hot shower where I immediately got out and pumped on an higher setting than usual.  I don't want to have to go to the doctor but I don't want it to progress to mastitis either.  Any other ideas?  Thanks for any advice in advance :) 

Re: EP: Clogged Milk Duct Trouble

  • I get them all the time. I get a hot diaper compress and massage the lump with while I pump leaned over. Once I'm done pumping I reheat the diaper and place it on the lump. I even sleep with the compress.
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  • Heat, then pump on all fours.  Try taking Lecithin.  This is totally random but someone suggested massagin with an electric toothbrush, or :ahem: something with similiar vibration.  It totally works. 
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  • evertzevertz
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    I had to have baby unclog mine - my pump just wasn't strong enough. Does your LO latch at all? Maybe stick him/her on and see if he/she can get you unclogged.
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  • I also get these a lot lately and EP (well mostly EP).  Massage Massage Massage. I would take a hot shower and massage in there.  I wouldn't give up till I knew it was gone.  My (.)(.) really hurt afterwards from all the massage but it has to be better than getting mastitis.  Keep at it and it will come loose. GL
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  • I find that pressing on the clog works as well as massage with less bruising afterwards. GL.
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  • I have the same thing going on.  I called the Dr. and she said to do all the same things the PPs said to do.  Then call back if I start feeling sick.  It's kind of scary if you've never had it before!  Mine hurts like hell, like a bruise!
  • Ditto PPs. Also ice pack after you pump. And take Advil it helps with swelling/soreness. Hang in there.
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