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The appointment ?


Having just had my 24 week appointment earlier today everything except blood pressure was in line and looked good. Jacob (my doctor) was however concerned about that BP being somewhat higher than normal today (144/96) so I was placed in one of their examining rooms; told to lie down and relax - then about an hour or so later a nurse came in re-checking to see if it had returned to a more normal range. It?s back down to (122/74) so I was released to go home.

They told me to stop by in about a week so a nurse could check it - making sure it wasn?t elevated.

I decided I?d check it several times over the next several days; so I?d have some idea about what it?s doing before going back in next week. Then I?d be able to discuss with them if I?m having a problem. Wish my luck!



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