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Heather duratowel bonus points?

Hi heather...So I was hoping to participate in the bonus points for buy bounty duratowel and pampers together;I looked at the local participating stores.. And found a few local options. I went to rite aid and they don't even sell the towels nor have they ever? help!


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Re: Heather duratowel bonus points?

  • I'm in a similar situation. I've gone to EVERY "participating" store in my area (4 Rite Aids, 5 KMarts, and 4 Walgreens) and NONE of them carry the paper towels necessary.  You would think if the store is going to be listed as participating, it would actually carry the item necessary to actually participate.  Too bad stores that actually carry the Duratowels aren't participating.  Someone dropped the ball on this campaign.

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  • Thanks for your feedback, ladies!  I'm sharing your comments with my promotions team as we speak!  -HeatherAtPampers
  • I also had the same experience.   Can not find them towels anywhere.   Very disappointing! 

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