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When did you tell?

It's so hard not to scream it from the rooftop! I definitely want to hear the heartbeat first... But waiting until 2nd trimester seems impossible!

When do others tell their family/friends?

Re: When did you tell?

  • IblissIbliss
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    Our plan was to wait until after the 8 weeks appointment. DH was just so excited that he spilled the beans to anyone that asked. So we ended up telling friends and family at 5 1/2 weeks. It happened to be Father's Day that we announced it so that was special. I know it was way early but we couldn't wait by we I mean DH.
  • We already told family and a few friends. But we're waiting a little bit to make a Facebook/blog announcement!
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  • I told my mom the day I got bfp. I waited until the pregnancy was confirmed at the doctor to tell my in laws and the rest of my immediate family. I also told a couple of really close friends right away. No one else knows and I'm not going to make it generally known until the first trimester is done since we have had some trouble conceiving.
  • We will start telling family and very close friends after our ultrasound on thursday. Everyone else will have to wait until second tri. We did the same when we were pregnant with our son.

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  • Only our parents and my brother know. When I experienced my first loss we had done the same thing and it was a great comfort to have them to lean on. 

    We won't be telling anyone else until we hit 2nd tri. Which also happens to be our 1st wedding anniversary so it will be nice to announce at this time. 




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  • After 12 we tell everyone we told my mom and MIL and a couple close friends but I am nervous we have told more people this time due to circumstance more than anything it makes me nervous.

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  • i told my mom and will try to hold out with everyone else until the 12 week ultrasound. last time the only people that knew before 12 weeks was my husband, my mom, and my coworker (who had to cover me sometimes thanks to terrible all day sickness).

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  • I told my mom and step dad at 4 weeks.

    And I'm telling my in laws tonight, were almost to 5 weeks.

    We will only be telling them until I get an ultrasound, and then tell some close friends and siblings, otherwise we will make the big announcement at 12 weeks.

  • We haven't told anyone... and are trying not to until 2nd tri... it's so hard!!!! I just want to tell everyone bc we are so happy... but there are so many things that can happen... :-/ this is our first pregnancy so we just don't know what to expect... we will at least wait until after our first u/s on July 16th...

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  • We are going to tell our parents and close friends at about 8 weeks after we see the heartbeat. As for everyone else not until at least the 2nd tri! I know Its hard but I only want to tell people right now that I would want support from if somthing bad happened.
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  • Only two of my friends know at this point, and DH told one of his friends. My mom is full on annoying around pregnant women, so I don't want to tell families just yet. I have an appt to confirm tomorrow, but my OB won't see me for a proper appt until in 8 weeks.
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  • mrs07cmrs07c
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    I'm waiting for a blood test to tell our parents; we could never hide it from them for 12 weeks! We see both sets multiple times each week! We have 2 BFP's, but I'm apprehensive this time. We'll wait a little bit longer to share with others; at least until after HB US. 



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  • Last time, I was 18 weeks, and had amnio results.  This time, I'm assuming I will show sooner, but will still wait until testing is done.
  • We told our parents, grandmothers, and siblings. We have our 2nd u/s next week, and are planning on telling close friends then. I want to be able to lean on my family and friends if anything bad should happen. I'm not one to keep feelings to myself. 



  • We waited to tell everyone, including our parents, until 12 weeks last time. This time we'll probably tell our parents and family at 8 weeks and make it officially public at 12 weeks again. 

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  • ZAngelZAngel
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    I'll probably tell my parents and siblings at 12 weeks.  Everyone else will find out when I start showing.

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  • I want to wait till 12. At least past the HB.

    That was my plan last time, but since I had hyperemesis, I had to tell before I planned.

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  • Our parents already know. I have told 3 girlfriends and dh told 2 friends so we can have support in case this pg fails.

    I also had to tell my cousin who has been dealing with infertility for 7 years. She had to be the first to know so she could get used to the idea before everyone else does. I totally understand where she's coming from.

    It's killing my mom more than me that we are waiting til 1213 weeks to tell.

    Not sure how we are goin to announce it
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  • We told our families and close friends at 6 wks last time. We told parents and 2 really close friends at 4.5 weeks because of bleeding and wanting support. I have another ultrasound Friday and if baby is still doing we will tell siblings this weekend 6 weeks.
  • We have 2 very close "couple" friends. Try guessed right away, and are all expecting as well, so we confirmed they suspicions. It was almost 5 weeks. We told our parents and siblings Father's Day weekend through a card to our dads. If something was to happen we would want their support anyway. However, they all know we will not be telling extended family and the rest of our friends until 1012 weeks once we feel more "in the clear".
  • My parents will find out this weekend. My sister and best friend  found out the day after BFP. Everyone else in the family will wait until after we see the heartbeat at 8 weeks. Facebook won't find out until at least 12 weeks, probably later. 
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  • Wait! I lied! I told a few ladies from my first birth month board.

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  • We haven't told anyone yet.  We had an u/s on Thursday, will have another one this coming Friday, and a third on July 2nd.  We will probably start telling parents after July 2nd, closer to 10 weeks.
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  • We tell anyone we want/need support from or don't mind untelling. And most people we see or talk to recently. I'm 4w3d. We've told my parents and sister. I've told probably 8 or 9 friends. I told everyone at work there are only 5 of us women and they could already tell I was peeing a lot. I'm only telling people that for now I am pregnant. I wouldn't call it an exciting announcement. We are taking it day by day but don't mind sharing to those we are close with.

  • I told three friends and my DH told one friend. We haven't told our family yet, but will probably tell them after our first ultrasound, we are really excited! We won't post on FB or tell others until around 12 weeks :) It is hard to keep quiet!

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  • I have only told one very close friend, because I HAD to tell someone or I'd burst. We will tell family at a family reunion on July 14th, so I'll be close to 9 weeks! I am so so bad at waiting, but it will be really nice to be able to tell all the family at once. DS will wear his Big Brother tshirt to our cookout! :)

    We told family right away with DS, so this waiting thing is REALLY REALLY hard for me!



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  • With my first, we told our parents at 6 weeks, siblings at 8 weeks after an ultrasound, and everyone else at the start of second tri. This time, we're hoping to hold off on telling family til 8 or 9 weeks, then everyone else at 13 weeks.

    Part of me is dying to tell people, but another part of me loves having this secret that only DH and I know.

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  • We told immediate family and close friends right away. We will tell everyone else once I'm in 2nd tri 13.5 weeks.
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  • I think you should tell people who you would want them to know if there was a problem. The reason why we don't tell people, is just in case. However, you still need someone to talk to about the emotional upheaval. You should decide who would need to know if something went wrong, and those are the people that it would be appropriate to tell.

    We told our parents and siblings already. We'll wait to tell other people until August.  

  • With DS we told family at 12 weeks and didn't tell anyone until I had told work at 19 weeks. This time in having trouble keeping my mouth shut haven't told family or work yet but telling strangers like my landlord, etc seems to fill my need to blab. My family is coming to visit around 13 weeks so maybe I'll just tell them in person.
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