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Permanent BC?

Have any of us gone through tubal ligation or had DHs have a vasectomy?

Just curious if anyone's been through it, or is in the thick of the decision-making process.  We are just starting to think about it all.

What are your thoughts? 

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Re: Permanent BC?

  • I have the paraguard and am sick to death of it so Dh is getting the vasectomy in the fall.


  • It's on my list of topics to bring up soon. I don't care either way but one of us is getting snipped. I hate being on BC and we both hate condoms.

    I will keep y'all posted. Hehe

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  • We talked about it. DH was gonna get snipped, but then we realized we were still youngish and might actually decide to have more kids a few years from now. So we're doing Mirena and when that comes out, I think we'll both get snippedm
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    I want to have a repeat c/s and tubal at the same time. I plan to speak to my doctor at my pre-pregnancy appointment. I haven't looked into at all because I'm not even close to being ready for another, but it is what I want to do when we get there.
  • We haven't done anything permanent but our plan is to keep my Mirena in until we either decide to have another kid (highly unlikely) or the five year maximum. If we do not have a kid and it's the 5 year maximum, Mirena will come out and H will get a vasectomy.
  • We were both sure and my H had already scheduled the consultation "class" he has to take with our insurance and everything (while I was pregnant with #2), but then we had a conversation just before he was born about how we didn't feel 100%.  We're like 95% sure we're done.  But not 100%.  So I am on paraguard.

    We set a 5 year 2018, if we don't want to have another baby, then DH will get snipped. 

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  • I am planning an elective hysterectomy after 30. my family carries the BRCA gene and after we are done having babies I will be doing that and a breast augmentation.

    The thought of having a hysterectomy at that age is scary, but the thought of cancer is worse.
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  • I had a tubal with my last CS and regret it. Should have gotten DH snipped instead. Doctor didn't mention how horribly bad AF would be afterwards and I never had bad ones before. So now not only do I have a tubal but I'm getting mirena to stop AF ... Guess its double protection, lol.
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  • No experience here, but my friend just had a consult with her doc about getting something done.  She was looking at Essure as a less invasive option, but her doc told her that she's had several patients complain of heavier periods after the procedure and encouraged her to hold off as she already suffers from pretty difficult periods when not regulated by BC.  Doc said that she's had to put some patients back on BC to make regulate/ease periods.  


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