Anyone have success with relatching?

My DD was born with a lip and tongue tie we didn't know about until 3 weeks old. She was admitted for failure to thrive at 9 days old when I started pumping and bottling. I worked with 3 LCs but she was very ineffective at nursing even after the ties were released. Up until about 10 days ago I was still attempting to nurse but I gave up and decided to EPF. Well the other day I got the urge to nurse her and she did really well for once. I saw an LC today who thought she was nursing effectively. I've decided to try nursing for the next few days and see if she seems satisfied and is gaining weight. I'm just really scared she won't transfer milk effectively and lose weight again. She was quite content to stave and you would have had no idea she was hungry. She was so lethargic but I'm an obstetrical nurse and knew her behavior wasn't normal. I really want to just BF because I hate pumping. Similar success stories would be great!
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Re: Anyone have success with relatching?

  • Can you do a weighed feeding with your LC to make sure she is transferring effectively?


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  • image meltoine:
    Can you do a weighed feeding with your LC to make sure she is transferring effectively?nbsp;[/quote
    Yes I plan to do that Friday. How much should she be transferring? She takes 33.5oz in a bottle but I think it's because the flow is faster.
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  • I had similar issues and at my last weighed feeding LO transferred 3oz and they were very pleased. I was told to go home and nurse for a couple days and then come back for a weight check and he had been gaining with that. I would think 3oz transferring would be a good number.
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  • Dd didn't latch for her first 3 weeks I pumped. Then she started crying every time I took out the pump. It became a nurse or formula situation.  I just kept putting her to the breast and she just sort of got the hang of it. We breastfed 13 months. Hang in there keep trying. I remember it being scary not knowing how much she was getting and I ended up with over supply from pumping too muc, it worked out though. Good luck.


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  • We transferred to the breast from weeks 23 by doing weighed feedings for each feeding, only supplementing if LO didn't get 2 ounces from me, and pumping if I supplemented which I did while giving the bottle. I successfully got LO back to the breast and we are still BFing at 13 mo :

    Eta: weeks 2 to 3; darn mobile. And I rented a scale to do the weighed feeds.
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