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Tongue tied newborn

Hello ladies, my son will be three weeks old this thursday and he is VERY tongue tied. Because of this i am not bfing, but pumping. I also worry about speech problems and trouble eating when food is introduced. I have done much research and would like to get it clipped to avoid future problems and to hopefully breast feed. Does anyone have any experience with this and know if medicaid will cover it? And who exactly does the procedure. I've read that pediatrician sometimes do it, or you may be referred to ENT, or pediatric dentist.
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Re: Tongue tied newborn

  • Brynn was tongue and lip tied. She was admitted to hospital because she wasn't eating or gaining at 9 days old. We didn't know she was tongue and lip tied until 3 weeks when a pediatric dentist lasered the ties. I was expecting her to immediately be able to breastfeed but she couldn't. I tried suck training and went to many LCs and she wouldn't nurse so I started pumping and bottle feeding exclusively about 2 weeks ago. The other day I decided to try her at the breast and she actually nursed well. I am now trying to breastfeed throughout the day and pump and bottle feed at night until I know her weight is going up. I don't want to jinx it but the LC I saw today said she was effectively nursing.
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  • nola78nola78
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    DD was clipped a few days after birth by ENT.  It was no big deal and she never had any pain after the procedure.  I'm not sure about Medicaid covering it, but I'd imagine that it would be covered if medically necessary (but that's only a guess). 
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  • A pediatric ENT did DS's. it didn't hurt him as far as I could tell and it was a huge blessing for my nipples. Our insurance covered it.


  • Our pediatrician did our LO#1 at the 2 week check-up. He still didn't ever catch on to BFing. 
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  • I too, had an ENT clip our son's tongue tie the day after he was born. He didn't even flinch so I was thankful it wasn't painful. My sister had her son's TT clipped two weeks PP and she's taking him back to do his lip tie sometime this week (3 weeks) because the doc said it would be too much to do both together this far along. 

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  • I'm a Pedi and clip tongues quite a bit. It's an easy procedure and takes about 2 minutes.

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  • Lurking from june...

    My lo is tounge tied also and we have medicaid. Our pedi reffered her to a pediatric ENT and we have an appointment next week. It is covered because it's considered medically necessary.
  • krwactkrwact
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    Like others, my son's tongue tie was clipped by an ENT and covered by insurance. He was able to breast feed immediately afterward but it didn't seem to make an immediate improvement in his ability to transfer milk. My LC also recommended we look into getting his labial frenulum checked but two doctors have said they don't recommend the procedure this young. I was a bit frustrated bc my research showed that it's frequently done on newborns and could make a difference in breast feeding. 

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