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How did your labor start?

With DD my water broke while I was sleeping and when I woke up I was having period like cramps. Pretty easy to know that labor had started.

Yesterday, I woke up with period like pain that turned into cramping and turned into contractions. I spent the day taking a long brisk walk, bouncing on the ball, using acupressure points to help things progress, only to have everything stop in the afternoon.

Now today nothing. My body hates me.

So, how did labor start for you?

Re: How did your labor start?

  • mb314mb314
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    My labor started with cramping that felt like period pain or like I had eaten something bad.  I felt like I needed to poo, but couldn't.  It quickly progressed to real labor. 
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  • April!April!
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    I had menstrual-like cramps starting a few days before, with intermittent contractions but nothing regular or consistent. Then one evening my baby starting flipping and rolling like crazy, and a couple of hours later my water broke. About an hour after that I started having contractions 3-5 minutes apart and 12 hours later my baby was born. It was wild!
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  • I was in prodromal labor for 5 days before the real deal... even went into the hospital only to be sent home after 6 hours of monitoring.  I'm a FTM so I had no idea what to expect or how to tell the difference.  It sucked.
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  • erb82erb82
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    I skipped (or maybe slept through) early labor with both of mine and woke up in the middle of the night in active labor- very strong contractions lasting at least a minute and only 10 minutes apart. My water didn't break until it was time to push with both.
  • AmyRIAmyRI
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    First time: period-like cramps woke me up. I dozed between for a couple, thinking it was just a belly ache or movement, but it wasn't long before it was obvious I was in labor.

    Second time: water broke in the middle of the night. There was no going back to sleep for me - I had a fast labor with DS (<8 hours) and we needed to get DS to a friend's house so we could head to the hospital. Contractions started an hour after my water broke, on the way to the hospital, and DD was born 5 hours later.

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  • I starting having contractions in the middle of the night that weren't really painful, but woke me up and then it occurred to me that they were exactly every 7 minutes. Then I got up to pee and had some bloody show. Things got more intense from there for about 8 hrs, then backed off some for like 12 hours, then got intense again and more so until DS was born 14 hours later.  36 hrs in total. I wish I had tried harder to sleep in those less intense hours in the middle of the first day.
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  • With my first, contractions started, became closer together and more intense, at the end of the day I had my baby.  My MW broke my bag of water right before crowning.  With my second, I had two 'practice' labors, contractions that were strong enough to keep me awake and regular for a few hours then petered out.  Then on the big day.  I had what started as timeable Braxton Hicks, turned into steady intense contractions and again MW broke my bag of water right before crowning.  The good news is because I had those two practice labors everything went super fast, I think my body had done a lot of work ahead of time.  DD's labor was 17.5 hours start to finish DS's was 5hr10min and that includes the first 3 hours which were Bracton Hicks!  So your body is just doing a lot ahead of time that's all!

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  • both of mine were like your first, with water breaking. I can't help but think that will happen again, and if not, I can see myself being confused about early labor contractions if my water doesn't break first. I'm used to my water breaking being the big YES YOU'RE IN LABOR sign.

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  • P.s. with my last baby, like another poster, I must have labored in my sleep and dilated a lot and woke up with my water breaking. I was in active labor minutes later and in transition about 45 min after my water broke. It was a fast birth (1 hr labor, 1 hr pushing, a VBAC)

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  • With Ds I had preterm labor for about 3 weeks leading up to birth. I had a small gush when I sneezed, so I went to my OB. Labor started an hour or so later.

    With Dd I had about 5 weeks of preterm labor and was +certain* I would deliver early. My MW broke my water at 41w2d and had Dd that morning. 

    Preterm labor is SUCH a mindfvck. But my labors were really fast due to all theprogress I made before labor actually started :) GL mama!

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  • Thanks ladies. I'm hoping that Monday got me progressing some. That would be nice.
  • My water broke in the middle of the night and 24 hours later we had a baby.

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  • My labor started with a rupture of my membranes up high.  I felt a weird pop and had some fluid leak.  Contractions started right away and were 10-12 mins apart.  Things progressed very quickly and I only had an 11 hour labor. I had no BH or cramping earlier in the morning. 
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  • Both of my labors started with my water breaking.
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  • My labors with both kids started with losing my mucus plug a day or two before contractions started. I had a full day/night of mild contractions with DS1, and woke up at 3 a.m. with mild contractions with DS2. He was born at 6 p.m. that same day.

    Hang in there! Having nightly contractions for a few nights is pretty common.

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  • I felt pretty nauseated the day I went into labor. After resting for a while, my husband got home, we dtd and then I had my bloody show and contractions started within an hour. About 6 hours later, she was born!
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  • I woke up at 4am feeling like I needed to pee.  Every few minutes I'd get a whole bunch of pressure and run to the bathroom thinking I needed to pee.  For awhile I thought I had a bladder infection and it took me until almost 8am to realize that the pressure was actually contractions and when I timed them, they were between 3 and 5 minutes apart so I went to the hospital and had my DD that night!  
  • Well, I was only 38 weeks, and I expected to go late, so when I was having weird pressure and side pain, I thought I was getting a horrid UTI (it was the exact same place as the one I had earlier in my pregnancy). My MIL and FIL were telling me that they thought I was in labor, but I was in denial.

    My water didn't break on it's own. I went in for an emergency OB appointment, thinking I had kidney stones, but I ended up being in labor (and when I was checked, I was 5cm and 100% effaced). I was just told to go get admitted, and that this was "it".

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  • Was woken up early (on my due date!) to feeling like there was discharge about to happen and I should get to the bathroom to prevent a mess... my water breaking. Felt the beginnings of period like cramps shortly thereafter. 
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  • NydaPNydaP
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    I had random contractions throughout the day but nothing consistent.  Then when I went to bed they started coming every 5 minutes.  After an hour we headed to the hospital.  

    The second time, my first son was sick and woke up in the middle of the night coughing.  We gave him some medicine and I nursed him.  My husband went to lay him back down while I tried to go back to sleep and the contractions started coming every 5 minutes.   We headed to the hospital a little while later.  

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