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So we just had a follow-up u/s where we were able to do a 3D picture. Immediately my husband and I saw that the baby's face looked just like his when he was a baby and when we showed his parents, they said the exact same thing.  The thing is, we're having a girl - so being the hormonal, emotional 3rd trimester person that I am, I started to worry that she's going to look like a boy. How mean is that??  I feel like the worst mom-to-be ever for even being worried about that. I love and adore her and will think the world of her, so why am I heading towards Vanity Street on this??  Did anyone else run into a similar situation? 

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  • I think my daughter looks EXACTLY like her dad's baby pictures, but she doesn't look like a boy. She just looks like a feminine version of him. I don't think you're being mean. Just relax, wait, and see. Besides, I think all newborns look like little boys lol, so just put a bow in her hair or something if you are worried that people may get confused.

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  • Don't feel bad! If you're anything like me, you've been picturing what your darling little girl is going to look like since you were younger! Like I have always pictured her with blonde hair and big dimples because I have blonde hair and dimples. It hit me a couple weeks ago that that may not be the case and I did feel like I was slightly disappointed just because in my head, that's how she's always looked! I think it's a natural reaction, but as she continues to develop when she's in the world, I'm positive she will look like the sweet little girl she is! Don't be too hard on yourself!!
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  • When I look at my friends' 3D ultrasounds and then look at their babies in real life, I honestly don't really see much of a comparison.  I think a lot of the comparisons that are made are in the parents imaginations, I wouldn't worry too much!

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  • A lady at work told me that all babies are supposed to look like their dads for the first few weeks.
    I think it's an OWT, because my friend's baby def looks like her, but maybe tell yourself that!

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  • DD looks just like DH as a baby and yet she looks pretty feminine imo (DH is a big tough guy, so far from fem haha)
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  • It's an u/s you can't tell fully what she'll look like from that.
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    You are way overthinking this and letting your hormones get to you.  Growing up people would always joke about me looking like my dad.  I can assure you despite the fact I have some of his characteristics, I most certainly look female.

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  • My DD popped out of me looking like a carbon copy of her father.  Everyone says so and it's very obvious.  She still looks like a girl.  I even keep her hair very short and she still looks like a girl.
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  • It's impossible to tell a girl baby from a boy baby unless they're naked. There's no 'boyish' or 'girly' baby face. Don't worry about it.

    Oh except apparently if you dress babies in neutral colors and ask people to guess their sex, people will assume the smiley babies are girls and the fussy frowny babies are boys. Why? Because people are stupid.

    Babies just look like babies, don't worry about it. People also apparently have a strong tendency to project the fathers resemblance onto a baby, as some kind of subconscious reenforcement of 'this is totally your baby and not somebody else's'
  • DD looks most like her dad but is still distinctly feminine looking. I think you are waaaay over thinking this.
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  • My niece is her dad made over. She's an adorable girly girl who I could never imagine looking like a boy.


  • skioskio
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    That is extremely strange. Chill out. It's an ultrasound picture.

    My DD is an absolute clone of my husband and she doesn't look like a boy. Because she's a girl.
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  • I have a male friend whose daughter looks exactly like him, if someone made him into a baby doll. She's almost 5 now, and the resemblance only gets stronger, but she still looks completely like a girl.
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  • Ditto all the above. My baby pictures and my dad's are literally identical, except that his are in black and white and mine are color. 34 years later, I look way more like my mom. Babies look like babies. And biologically, newborns are supposed to start out looking more like the dad because it helps reassure the male parent that he's truly the parent. It's nature's way of demonstrating paternity.
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  • Well you are only seeing her main features like her nose, forehead and lips. I have a lot of my Dad's features and I don't think I look anything like a boy. :)
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    It's an u/s you can't tell fully what she'll look like from that.

    This. Calm down.
  • Since day one we've joked that we should name DD1 Justine because she looks just like her father, Justin.  Even though she looks so much like him, she definately has feminine charicteristics and is a beautiful little girl! 
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  • My SD looked identical to her dad when she was an infant and toddler and they still look a ton alike.  She is a knock-out.  

  • I've always looked just like my dad, to this day even.  I went to boarding school so most of my parents had never met my parents until they showed up for parent-teach conferences.  Well, aparrently my parents would sit down for their meetings and my teachers would all look up and immediately know who's parents they were once they saw my dad.  One of my teachers even called it the most shocking parent/child similarity she'd ever seen.

    However, I do not see myself as looking masculine at all and my dad isn't feminine looking.  We just have the same eye color/shap, nose, etc.  Our jaw lines are similar but his is more broad than mine.

    So, yeah, don't worry about it!  Even if your daughter always looks like your husband that doesn't mean she won't look feminine!

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  • DD was born as and to this day still DH's clone, only with my coloring. Luckily he makes a pretty cute girl. ;) 
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  • I look just like my dad. No one thinks I'm a man.
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  • Don't stress!  My DD is a month old today and she got all of her daddy's facial features except for the nose (that and her skin coloring are the only easily spotted traits of mine she got!) but she looks like a feminine version of her father.  I was a bit worried too when I got the 3D ultrasound because she looked everything like her dad and nothing like me, but she's an adorable little girl!  I'm sure your daughter won't end up looking like a boy the older she gets :)
  • When she was born every single person that saw dd said she looked just like her dad... even people in my family.  I was a little sad but it was true.  As she has gotten older she has started to look more and more like me. Now people say she looks just like I did. Kids change so quick
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  • DD looks like her dad. She has his coloring and, lucky her, his extremely long eyelashes. Everyone always says that she's adorable and no one's ever mistaken her for a boy.
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  • I thought my son looked like King Tut at the 20 week ultrasound. 

     And I thought my daughter looked like Spock when I saw an ultrasound close to 18 weeks. 

    They do look a lot different when they come out.  And that first year, they really develop and grow a lot. 

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    I thought my son looked like King Tut at the 20 week ultrasound.nbsp; nbsp;And I thought my daughter looked like Spock when I saw an ultrasound close to 18 weeks.nbsp; They do look a lot different when they come out.nbsp; And that first year, they really develop and grow a lot.nbsp;

    Oh my gosh, I laughed out loud!! King Tut!!!

    Op, don't worry. I look like my dad and you can see from my avatar that I'm not manly looking. At least I don't think so.
  • Seems to me that lots of kids look like the parent of opposing gender. I looked just like my dad (and his twin sister) when I was born. As I got older, I am a 50/50 split between my parents, but have never once been accused of looking masculine.

    Don't worry about it too much, little mother; the baby will look like a baby first and foremost, and then as she gets older, her features will be more feminine than masculine. How wonderful you got a great look at the baby's face!!! Our 3d was awesome, but the baby spent lots of time covering his/her face with his/her hands. Ah well!

    Be well!!!

  • Every firstborn baby girl I know looks like their dad. I think it's evolutionary so there was no mistaking paternity with cavemen. My daughter has her dad's features but feminized. I know brothers and sisters that have the exact same features also, it's nice to have a family resemblance.
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  • See siggy pic. DD1 is a girl, looks like her dad. DD2 is a girl, looks like me.

    Calm your tits.

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    I have never seen a 3d Ultrasound picture of a face where I could ever in a million year guess if the baby was boy or girl. ITA with PP who said babies look pretty gender neutral.
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