3rd Trimester

4 weeks early.....

In light of Kim K's 4 week early delivery it got my husband and I thinking if we would be ready 4 weeks early, the answer is no, lol

Would you guys be ready to go 4 weeks early?



Re: 4 weeks early.....

  • I don't think anyone would be ready. I'm sure Kim wasn't either. No matter how much you plan, being 4 weeks early is hard. I'm assuming that may automatically land a baby in the NICU. There are just things that will happen that no amount of planning can prepare you for.

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  • NO WAY! We're doing all we can to prepare, but that got us thinking, too! We need to get the ball rolling on things because although it seems like we have "plenty of time," in reality we may not!
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  • It's always something that is in my head. Even though sometimes I think it would be neat to meet my LO early and not go through being super anxious in the final weeks, I really want my little guy to stay in there and cook to full term. If he did come early though, I guess we would make it work!

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  • My DD was 5 weeks early, and we were absolutely unprepared! Luckily she didn't need any NICU time, just a few extra check ups. 

    This time around we are completely ready. The nursery was ready by 34 weeks and I installed the car seat last week (35 weeks). Bags have been packed for a while. I'm glad I've done all this prep because it looks like this LO will be coming early as well! 

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  • If you're 4 weeks early, usually baby will have to be in the NICU for a couple of days.

    The only reason why we'll be ready is because we're not doing much for her. We have diapers, a place for her to sleep and the plan is for me to nurse/pump.

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  • My first two children came at 36 weeks (thankfully no NICU time for that one) and 33 weeks, so this time around, we'll be ready! But honestly, it's easy the second and third time around. You've already done the baby thing before and realize that all you really need is a crib and diapers.
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    My goal all along has been to be "ready" by 35 weeks.  We are doing pretty well with that at this point as far as nursery, clothes, supplies, etc.  Not sure if that means we're ready... haha... but as ready as we'll be.  Hopefully my energy keeps up to stay on track.  Six weeks from now I hope to be able to say that we are ready . 



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  • I will be. Because although my first was 10 days past my EDD... My 2nd was 37 wks 0 days without any warning. And my third, although she came on time, I was on bedrest for early cervical shortening/ripening/dilation/effacement. So I will be ready by 35 weeks. Just in case. 

    This is our fourth girl in 7 years though, so it's not like we have a lot to figure out/buy. :)

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  • I know I won't be. Due to some weird scheduling, my labor class isn't until 4 weeks before my due date!
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  • As far as ready in the sense of having all the things we need to take care of her than yes. If you mean ready emotionally than probably not.
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  • image magdalina.h:

    If you're 4 weeks early, usually baby will have to be in the NICU for a couple of days.

    The only reason why we'll be ready is because we're not doing much for her. We have diapers, a place for her to sleep and the plan is for me to nurse/pump.


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  • Since this is my second under two, I would be ready in terms of preparing around the house.  I would never ever be mentally prepared for my baby to go into the NICU though.

  • I have been ready for this baby a few weeks now, just in case she comes early.  I would have been ready for her last week!

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  • Dd was 5 weeks early and we were not prepared at all. This time I will be ready as far as getting her stuff together but you can never prepare for a nicu stay it is mentally exhausting.
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  • As far as stuff we are already ready. Pnp to sleep in and carseat and planning on nursing/ pumping.  Emotionally, no effing way. That could be since my baby is only supoosed to be 12 months when this one is born too.
  • I think she gave a later EDD than it actually was. And I don't blame her for that.

    But 4 weeks early in reality wouldn't throw me too much, I tend to get stuff done early, by about 33-35w as I hate scrambling around. 


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  • I definitely plan to be ready at 35 weeks but haven't really started anything yet at 28 weeks!
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  • I'm due the day after her alleged EDD and I technically feel like we're ready. We even happened to clean the car and wash all the car seat covers this weekend so now the infant seat is installed.

    The thing is, with a 4wk early baby, one is likely going to have some NICU time so there would be time to finalize things before baby gets discharged from the hospital. 

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  • Ohmigosh, no! Of course I'm a FTM; I'm not sure I'd be ready at 2 weeks late much less 4 weeks early. I recently went on a cleaning/prepping binge because I am moving so much more slowly in the last two weeks than I have before then. I "hope" to be ready by August (EDD 9/1) so I can just maintain and putz... here's to hoping, right?


  • I'm about 3 weeks and 2 days away from my due date now and I'm ready!  There's minor things I wanted to buy that are extras (for me, more than anything) but the bags are packed, carseat is in the car, everyone is at the ready waiting for a phone call.  I was way less prepared the first two babies I had (water broke, didn't even have a bag packed!) and yet this time I'm over prepared!
  • We'd be ready.  But we had to be ready early d/t PTL, hospitalization, multiple NICU consults, etc.  36w =/= NICU.  It could, but doesn't have to.
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