10 month old... refusing to nurse & lack of supply with AF

DD is my third baby -- you would think I would know all about breastfeeding by now! I bf all of them with my second well past a year.  But I've encountered a new situation... :help: 


She is 10 months old...She normally eats table food 1-2 meals per day and nursing 4-5 times a day and sleeps well at night (usually 11-12 hours).  I stay at home and have nursed mostly with the occasional bottle of breastmilk when I'm away from her We've had on and off biting issues while nursing for the last couple of months. Sometimes, my nipples were bleeding it was so bad.


For the last several days, she nurses well when she gets up in the morning, but feeds after that are not good.  She latches for a couple seconds and then starts biting.  My milk supply seems to have dropped some since my cycles returned and I definitely notice a drop the few days before AF comes.  This is my fourth cycle and I'm noticing the pattern.  My gut tells me the biting is due more to lower milk supply than teeth, but I do think there is some teething pain as well.  She is mad that the milk is not coming out right away.  She definitely has to work for it.


Since she has been refusing to nurse or she nurses very little after the morning feed, I've just been nursing her the first feed and then pumping for the rest of the feeds.  The problem is, at least right now during AF, my supply is lower and I'm not pumping enough for her.  I'm having to take 6-7 oz per day out of the freezer stash of bm.  And I'm pumping a couple extra times in addition to when she would normally breastfeed, which means I'm pumping 7 times a day!!


What should I do?  I want to continue nursing well past a year as I did with Addie.  I enjoy nursing and it helps my endometriosis symptoms a lot.  I ordered More Milk Plus which I've heard good things about and I will try that in a few days.  And hopefully once AF leaves my supply will come back up a bit.  It usually does if it follows the pattern of the last few months.


Ideally, I'd like to go back to nursing full time.  I don't like pumping!!  Kudos to all of you exclusive pumpers out there!  But I can't have her biting and causing injury every feed either.  I've tried everything to get her to stop biting, but she seems very upset about the supply right now and that doesn't help.  And she is cutting more teeth.  


Also, she seems to have no end to how much expressed milk she will take from the bottle!  It's no wonder I can't keep up!  Yesterday, she drank 25 oz of expressed milk plus the morning feed which seems fairly plentiful -- I'm estimating 6-8 oz of milk there.  She seems to love how fast the milk comes out of the bottle and will drink a 6 oz bottle in just a few minutes and go about happily playing.  It probably doesn't help things when she gets to the breast.


Thanks for reading.  Any advice is appreciated!

Re: 10 month old... refusing to nurse & lack of supply with AF

  • I should add that she is at the top of the charts for weight and height... 23+ pounds and 30 inches long.  I'm not concerned about weight gain at this.  She is a pudgy thing!
  • I don't have any advice, just wanted to say that I hope your supply levels back out after AF.  I am nervous about how my supply will react when I get my period back too. GL
    DD 11/1/12
    DS 7/16/14
    DD Free from FPIES triggers as of 18 months! 
    Sweet potato, avocado, banana, mango, oats, wheat & rice outgrown.
    Dairy, soy, and peanut allergies outgrown! Allergic to eggs.
    DS MSPI, egg allergy
  • If she is a good sleeper maybe try adding an evening pump before you sleep to rebuild stash. A month or two more and you can supplement with wcm if needed. Sorry. We are about done with daytime nursing at 10 months he's too busy to really care. He refuses bottles and sippy cups of milk most days too. We get 2 good sessions in the am at 5 and 7 am and when I get home at 5. Bedtime at 7:39 is sometimes distracted too. We are using my freezer stash but I have like 350 ounces left to get through the next five weeks when we will start WCM during the day while I'm at work. I am no longer pumping at work either. 

    I wish I had good news for you. I have friends who swear by drinking mothers milk tea all day. They make it iced tea as its summertime now. 

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