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Birth Control Options

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I'm going to the doctor today for my check up and we are going to discuss birth control.  I'm 33 and I've never been on birth control before.  I don't even like taking aspirin for a headache.  Does anyone have suggestions of a birth control option with few side effects. 

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Re: Birth Control Options

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    If you are breast feeding you are limited with what you can get. I'm on the mini pill but its not as effective ad the regular pill. I know you can also do an IUD I've heard both good and bad about that.
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    I'm thinking about getting the non-hormonal IUD. I'm interested to hear what other people are doing.

    I don't tolerate hormones well, and did Fertility Awareness Method for years before getting pregnant. I need to do some research on how that works while breastfeeding and having interrupted sleep, because I'm not sure if that's an option now or not.

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  • Condoms. I was on the pill and I hated how it made me feel. When I went off I told H I wasn't ever going back on it or anything of the like.
  • We will be using condoms. I can't handle birth control. I become a crazy ball of hormones that cries uncontrollably about everything.
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  • Does anyone know if diaphragms are still an option?  I've decided that I don't want hormonal bc and I don't want an iud either (we want more children relatively soon and I didn't like the iud that I had before).  I did FAM to get pregnant but I don't think I can keep up with it with LO here.  Condoms are ok but they tend to give me pH issues and honestly they take away from our sex life...wish there was a better option!!!
  • I was on the non-hormonal IUD before - I can't handle the hormones in birth control. I thought the IUD worked great. My periods were a little more intense and lasted longer than normal, but that didn't bother me. A friend of mine also had an IUD, but she had really intense cramping. I'm not sure how common that is with the IUD. I recommend it :)

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