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I am suppose to go back to work in 2weeks from yesterday.  Well some plans changed over maternity leave and we sold our house and are planning a cross country move in 1st week of October.  Well I am now given the chance to stay home for the next year or so with my boys and this will be the only time I will ever get this chance as we built our life on two incomes.  The plan was as soon as we were close to closing I was going to inform my boss that I wasn't coming back, as I honestly had originally planned to.  Well things got delayed with closing and today everything is finally good for me to quit but it would be 1-2 workday shy of a two week notice that I really wanted to give to be professional.  

 Would you go back for the extra day or just explain yourself and just not go back and be shy of the 2 week notice.   Background on my job/company.  I don't carry the insurance nor was I given any paid leave so nothing to pay back.  If I go back for two days my boss will make it a living h$ll.  He is a terrible boss and leads by fear.  He is sexually harassing and very degrading.  Unfortunately it's a small company and the owners and HR Rep are his great friends so my complaints would only hae gotten me fired. But on the flip side I want a reference although regardless if I went back it would not have been good as his own words regarding a previous employee who quit was "it's not a good idea to quit on me".   What would you do. I always try to do the right thing with work and I know I do a great job and work hard but this one time I just want to be selfish. 

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