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Has anyone taken prenatal classes that they would recommend?  I for sure want to take an infant CPR class, but are the birthing classes really necessary?   If you have been to one or have strong opinions about going verses not going, I'd love to hear them!  Thanks!

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  • I loved my 3 part birthing class at Scottsdale Shea. Janice, the RN and former L/D nurse who taught it is funny, informative and experienced. I am they type who does tons of research and I still learned new things. My husband really enjoyed it too. He was skeptical about attending but said he is very glad we signed up. I am waiting to take the infant CPR class but I am sure it will be just as good. 
  • Perfect! Thank you very much.  I am also looking forward to taking the CPR class.  When are you due?
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    I went back and forth and in the end decided not to take the birthing classes. I just couldn't stand the thought of having to take a class that didn't end until 9:30 at night when I was working full time. IMO, I think you could be okay without it. I had a great delivery at Scottsdale Shea. The nurses are awesome and help you through everything. GL.
  • I took the hospital birthing classes at PHX Baptist and did not find them all that helpful. I learned more from reading books and watching youtube videos. 

    If you are looking for actual "how to birth" classes Like doing the bradely method or the hypnobirthing I would skip those to and just hire a doula!  Thats what I did. My doula cost the SAME amount of money as those classes were charging ($400) and I had her with me in the hospital guiding me through everything. She also came to my home 3 or 4 times before the actual birth and we talked about a ton of step to get me prepped! 

  • I'm due in August and am currently taking a 5 week course a Arrowhead that covers EVERYTHING! It's once a Week and my husband And I attend together. Learned a lot so far and look forward to going eac a FTM I have a lot to learn. The classes cover childbirth, post partum, child care, breast feeding, and a tour of the labor and delivery unit. I say worth it. It was a gift from my mom and she paid $100 each for me And hubby. 
  • with my first son, i didnt take any classes... I wish I had and been more educated on my body and what its made to do etc... This time around we took Bradley birth classes and I love them! They were 12 weeks, which was tough because my husband works A LOT, but we found a class that worked and we got through it all. :) We learned an amazing amount of info and how to cope with pain etc, how to have a healthy pregnancy and good diet etc... You really do learn a lot and I am so glad we took the class. I am due in 11 days and I will be putting to use a lot of what I learned in that class on labor day! :) I used ROZ, her number is 623-451-3266. She is so great and laid back and very cool.


    I would definitely recommend taking a birth class! Also watch The Business of being Born on netflix. 

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