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Clingy toddler

Hi all! Wondering if any of you have clingy toddlers? My LO has been this way since birth. He will play independently for 5 mins and then want me to play with him. Any suggestions on how he can gain more independence? Thanks!!

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    Mine is going through a clingy stage, I love her but gracious it's tough on us mommies; I'm a teacher, so summer she seems worse. I would recommend sending her to some daycare/ activity/ playdate without you if you don't already. I'm not sure of other suggestions bc I'm right there with you.
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  • Been there at times too.  We still deal with it.  I notice she gets clingy when she is hungry and I'm not really aware she is.  Maybe try to involve her in a chore that you need to get done like folding laundry, or give her a dish cloth to use to pretend she too is washing dishes.  I'm not sure how old your LO is but Melissa and Doug also make some "velcro" food that he could cut with a wooden knife.  My LO loves to play with this and I just started standing her on a chair near me when I do some cooking and she pretends to help by cutting her own stuff.  Just a thought.  GL
  • My first was like that and still is, so I have no suggestions!  I guess I've just gotten used to it.  It's a little easier now since she's more independent than a baby, but she's still more work than my one year old!  
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  • Mine is clingy too.  He gets upset if I leave the room he's in at home.  I wish he would play independently.  He just follows me all over the house.  If we're out though it's a different story.  He will take off running if we're at Target or the library if he can get away from me.  Why can't he be that at home?
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  • Thanks ladies. It's good to know I'm not alone. I was hoping it would get better with age ha 
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