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Pacifier Size??

Hi Ladies,


This morning I couldn't find my little man's pacifier for nap time, so I dug up a 6+ months pacifier that I recieved as a gift - he seems to suck it fine and actually takes it a bit better than his current paci.  He is 5 and a half months old right now, does anyone think there is an issue giving him a 6months+ pacifier rather than a 0-6 months??

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Re: Pacifier Size??

  • My son  took a 6-18 m pacifier from birth 
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  • It doesn't matter, as long as they take it.  I never moved up a size for DS, he used the newborn one until he was 2.
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    I'm not sure what brand your using, so it may make a difference. Dd will only take smoothies and we got like 4 at the hospital so we saves the pacifiers we got at the shower. We wanted to send some to grandmas so we pulled out some 6 mo tha smoothies. When we compared them side by side they were the same side but the 6 month pack was harder. I'm guessing is thicker so they can chew it a little more while teething. Anyway if your lo isn't gagging while using it I wouldn't worry




  • I've heard some folks, like pp, say the ones for older babies are harder. Other than that, I think it is a ploy by companies to get us to buy more pacifiers.
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  • Like everyone said, as long as they take it. We use MAM and I know the 6+ month are a little too big for him and he doesn't like them as much but he'll use them. 
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    DS still likes the 0 to 6 a bit better, but yes, you can certainly use the bigger size.
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