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Baby freak out

For the past 2 nights DD has her regular bedtime routine bath, cuddles then eat and sleep. About an hour later she wakes up screaming. She doesn't want the boob, doesn't want her pacifier, doesn't want her swing, and she is kicking and arching her back when I cradle her. This goes on for 30 minutes. Finally she falls asleep after I put on a tank top and held her close and bounced her up and down and walked back and forth. Yikes! She has never done this before and it kinda freaked me out.

Also, she has been congested and spitting up more than normal. But is not congested when the crying starts.

Anyone going or have gone through this? Or know what it could be? A million things are going through my head, colic, reflux, tummy ache. I just don't know!!
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Re: Baby freak out

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