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Hi ladies. I'm in the process of going through all DS's toys, and putting some away since we're not in the house much for summer, and it got me thinking. DS#2 will be mobile before I know it, and I'm trying to think of the best way to keep him safe. DS#1 has a bunch of small cars, trucks, dinosaurs magnetic letters, etc.

Moms of 2 or more, how do you deal with this? I'm thinking of putting anything that might be dangerous for DS#2 into some bins with lids and storing them under the train table. Then DS can play with them while the baby naps, or it in the exersaucer or something. Did you do something similar, or just leave the toys as is and watch the baby like a hawk. 




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  • I never had this issue, but do they share a room? If not, toys that have small parts can be played with there and you don't allow the baby access to ds#1s room. You can leave safer toys in the kids shared space.
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  • We're looking into buying a storage system to put in DD's closet so her toys are out of the way but she can easily access them.  This is the one we're looking at from Ikea.

    My SIL also has it and says it's wonderful because she's able to keep the kids' toys organized and off the floor, especially since she's due with her 3rd in a few weeks. 

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  • Lurker here... What I did was I took all of my dd little things that my ds could choke on and put them in a ziplock bag and placed on a higher shelf where she could reach but not him. She knows that she can't play with her little stuff when he is right there.
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