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How are you all feeling???

 I am still working and it sucks because I can not get sleep at night. My thoughts take over at night and I just can't sleep. I know we are almost done but these days and nights are dragging for me. Maybe it is because I have had no labor symptoms. Either way I am so ready to meet him, I just hope he doesn't make me wait too much farther past his due date of June 27th!

 Hang in there late June mommies. We will make it :)


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Re: Late June Mommies

  • mcbushmcbush
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    I could have written this exact post. Just dragged myself out of bed. No matter how much sleep I get I'm exhausted. Then the weekend comes and I can't sleep in at all! Oh well gotta be at work in 20 minutes better get moving!



  • I'm a little tired, very cranky/impatient and my lower back and hips are killing me.  I have been retaining so much water that my cankles look like tennis balls and I feel like a human cactus!

    My last day of work was Friday, June 7th.  I've been getting a lot done around the house, but if the baby is born after my EDD of June 23rd there is an unpaid lapse of time with how my disability claim pays out so that would really screw with my maternity leave plans. 

    Here's hoping this baby arrives NOW!

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  • LiLi23LiLi23
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    I'm 39 weeks today.  Despite feeling like crap over the weekend and not sleeping well last night (or for the past few nights for that matter) I'm feeling pretty good this morning.  I'm sore when I stand up, but other than that I'm doing well.  No signs of labor here either, but I'm ok with that.  As much as I want to meet this baby, I realize I'm only 39 weeks.  I have as much as two weeks left (my dr. will induce at 41 weeks), so I'm just trying to enjoy every last second with DD before she's no longer an only child. 


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  • rzurbrrzurbr
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    It really depends on the day now but I feel HUGE, tired and ready for baby to arrive like everyone else.  Every new I'm in labor post gets me excited that maybe my time is here but each day passes and I"m still pregnant.  I'm starting to feel like I've been pregnant forever but I still have 9 days until her DD. 

     So just trying to be patient here and hoping that the days starts to move a little faster.


  • I'm ok but I'm being induced on Thursday! So nervous and excited. I stopped working monday and started my leave early. I was tired and worn out and my coworkers are miserable people who just stress me out. My lo is moving like crazy it's almost painful. I can't wait to meet her though!
  • I am not sleeping great, my feet, ankles and legs are super swollen and my hip hurts like crazy.  I have had a lot of cramps off and on but otherwise nothing else indicating that my body is getting ready.  My due date is 6/23 but I am starting to anticipate going past that.  I just feel kind of in limbo right now and am ready for something to happen.
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  • No signs of labor here either. I am still working. It depends what day it is if I sleep well or not.  Some nights I sleep like the dead while others I am up all night. The up all night ones make for VERY cranky days.I am super swollen so that flip-flops cut into me now all the tiem. 

    I have resolved myself that DS isn't going to show up until July 5 or 6 since he doesn't seem to show any signs of coming out.

    My friend made a good point to me about me potentially being late and neeing to be induced. She said "It's a (tiny) man. He is warm, comfortable and full. Do you really thing he is going anywhere any time soon without some serious motivation?"

    If he shows up before July 5th I woud be suprised.

  • I'm due June 22nd. Not sleeping well at all anymore. I went for a 2.5 mile walk yesterday, ate Mexican food, drank raspberry leaf tea, and did the deed with hubby. No such luck. Appointment tomorrow, we shall see!
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  • I'm not working anymore but I'm bored out of my mind. I have very sore hips but that's about it. I had a weird nausea throw up thing happen Sunday. But all I feel are BH and not much else. It's also hot as he!! But that's to be expected right?

    I'm so anxious and I'm not due until Sunday. At this point I'm my own problem just thinking about when, is this it, was that a contraction and what not. Only god knows......
  • Faith7Faith7
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    Oh, thanks for the encouragement--I'm really needing it! Due on June 23/25 and still working.  

    REALLY HATE going every day because there's so much that needs doing at home.  Hubby is hanging sheetrock in the nursery, so I'm trying to prepare a temporary place for little one in our room.  This means rearranging tons of stuff. Plus the house needs a thorough cleaning.  And everything takes me about 3 times as long because I can barely move and tire so easily.

    Of course I'm in an eternally horrible mood: grouchy, weepy, moody, angry.  Lovely.  Then there are those moments when I'm overcome with terror about what is about to happen in our lives... 

  • 38 weeks 1 day here. C-section scheduled a week from now due to shoulder dystocia. I have felt pretty good and have been able to get sleep, but I am retaining water like crazy. I have only been up for 3 hours and my feet and ankles look like Kirby with toes attached to his head. Hang in there ladies! Good luck!
  • EDD of June 30 over here, so I knew I'd be hanging out on the board as one of the last pregnant ones! I've had basically no progression either, so I will not be the least bit surprised if I go into July. I'm feeling ok, just tired and large. I stay busy chasing around DS, so I think that helps in keeping my mind off everything else. No sleep happening for me though and I really, really need to work in LO nursery and everything else. Between work and DS, there is no time left! But we have the pack n play set up and I finally bought a small pack of diapers so hopefully we will be able to get through the first few days. So funny how things change with the second child.......

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  • This is my first week of no work since school just got out Friday and I'm doing my best to keep busy. Due date is the 27th and I've also had no signs of labor. This week has been horrible with sleep and for some reason I can't sleep on my left side now, ugh! I have a feeling LO is not going to be on time either but we can do this!!! Best of luck late June mommies!!
  • 6/25 here.  I have reached the "totally over it" phase.  I'm only 5' tall and we are thoroughly out of room in this incubation unit. 

    I'm still working - although only 4 hours a day.  My hips and back are constantly killing me and I hardly get any sleep.  

    I feel her move a lot, I am grateful that she is still growing and thriving in there but it's time for her to make her grand debut.

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  • I am working until June 28th (I am due on June 30th) and feeling okay.  My sleep sucks and has been for the past month.  As long as I can get out of bed I am doing okay I just want to eat and drink something without getting dry mouth or heartburn. The nice part I remember is once my daughter came out my heartburn and dry mouth immediately disappeared so I am looking forward to that moment.  TMI...Me and DH had sex last night and afterwards I felt so great and my aches and pains temporarily went away.  I have been on pelvic rest for most of this pregnancy so sex has not been on our agenda I was taken off pelvic rest awhile ago but we just have not had the time with our energetic 3-year-old and my husband's travel schedule.  He is staying close to home and not traveling until mid-August.  It felt great to be close to him again and really did give me a shot of energy.  I have felt so much more relaxed since last night.  

    Dilation checks start this week!  Yay!!  Looking forward to meeting my second little girl in a couple of weeks.    

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  • June 30 mama here. I've actually been feeling pretty good. Minus the feeling huge at night part. I hate tossing and turning and pee breaks but, it's all part of the game right?

    Nesting has kicked in so, I've been busy getting everything together. I work from home but I'm bored so I've just been enjoying time with my family. But, I'm ready for him to come! Tomorrow begins cervical checks do I'm ready for that! I thought id turn them down but I'm curious to see if all these contractions haven't been in vain lol
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  • Due on June 25, so I'm 39 weeks as of today. I have had zero signs of labor, so every time I feel a little ache or pain, I get super excited and think, "Is this it???" But it usually just turns out to be gas.

    DH is on edge because he knows it could be any day now. He keeps watching me like I might explode any minute.

    My norm has been that I sleep only 2 to 3 hours at a time and spend my days exhausted. But in these past three days, except for the increased nausea, I have felt weirdly good and am sleeping almost 6 to 8 hours a night. I'm still basically tired but not wiped out. I have random spurts of energy where I'm getting things done.

    I hope these are good signs. We are as ready as we are going to be for baby girl to get here!
  • Awful! Some issues have popped up and I'm desperately hanging in until the end. We're supposed to talk about an induction at my appointment tomorrow so hopefully I don't have too much longer.

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  • Ugh. Perfect post for today. So cranky and weepy. Just want to spend time with my little girl before baby comes. DH is on my last nerve, and I am annoying him, too. Unfortunately, he is working at home the next few days which will probably get on my nerves even more. Hormones are driving me nuts, but today is really the first day I've felt like that. Just had a good cry but feel like I could cry all day. Come on, baby...I am 38 w and 4 days today.
  • June 26th due date but fully expecting to go late especially after my doc appointment this morning. I'm closed and just barely starting to thin and baby is up high.  I have started feeling more contractions especially at night, but that only started in the past three or four days.

    Still working but, as of today, I am working exclusively from home unless some weird emergency forces me to go to the office.

    I'm sleeping well and am generally pretty comfortable (no pressure or pain for the most part), which I think means I am in for the long haul...probably a July 4th-ish baby, but who knows. If baby is late, I'll work up until July 2nd.

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    June 28 here, but that was a move up from my initial EDD of July 5.  However, my past two internals have revealed that baby is engaged and I am 50% effaced...so I don't know what to think in terms of when she will come.  I haven't had any signs of labor.

    I'm a teacher and school is out.  I already did my three required summer workdays, so today is my first official day of summer vacation.  Yesterday I had horrible hop pain at night and lingering heartburn...however, I had less hip pain last night and thus far no heartburn today.  I hope it stays away.  Those are my only acute physical complaints other than general discomfort of being so large.

    I treated myself to a haircut this morning, so I'm feeling pretty. :)

  • My last day of work is this Friday and due on Monday, 6/24 so I know how you feel. I'm at 3cm and supposedly 50% effaced and have decided to just go with it. Was stressing last week and posted about it just now on here but no more. I'm done cause I was letting it take over me which can't be good for him (C.J.).
    Hang in there Momma! HUGS!
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  • Really feeling fine...just freaking impatient.
  • This is my last week of pregnancy (rcs scheduled for Saturday), but it is definitely dragging!  I just want to get it over with, heal, and move forward with my little family! 
  • Not feeling great.

    I have been experiencing this inner thigh pain that has severely limited my ability to do much of anything. I can't flip over in bed or get out of bed without a shooting pain. I also can't walk very far and the pressure in my pelvis is intense. My last day at work was Friday and I've been home with DD (almost 5) alone since yesterday and it's been hard. It's been kind of a free-for-all or her because I can barely take care of myself, let alone her.

    I went overdue during my last pregnancy but DD wasn't situated on a nerve and I could walk, just very slowly.

    Thanks for cheering me/us on. I needed it. I hate feeling helpless. 

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  • image meshly92905:
    My lo is moving like crazy it's almost painful.

    I can relate to this! All of his movements HURT! It's like he has razorblades on all of his appendages. 

    image DD and I. DD: 6/22/2008. DS: 6/22/2013
  • image GingerBabyTX:
    Really feeling fine...just freaking impatient.


    This exactly! 

  • image micabush:
    I could have written this exact post. Just dragged myself out of bed. No matter how much sleep I get I'm exhausted. Then the weekend comes and I can't sleep in at all! Oh well gotta be at work in 20 minutes better get moving!

    Ditto! Had to go to LD today because I was having double and blurred vision at lunch with lightheaded ness. Not quite sure what its from maybe dehydration or exhaustion. Gonna take it easy tonight
  • Due June 28th, and still working.  I teach and the last day with our kids is next Tuesday the 25th, so I'm trying to make it through.  Going to be doing half days the next couple days, and then our last three days are half days anyway.  Very glad I decided to do that, because I'm tired, in pain, and getting cranky by afternoon (not so good for the kids).

    Had my ob appointment today and I am 70% effaced and 1 cm, so I guess my body is preparing.  Baby girl is also "very low" which explains all the pain in my cervix, right?

    Sorry to all who are still waiting, especially those who are feeling so uncomfortable.  Not too long now!

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  • I was perfectly fine until this morning. I woke up at 6am very uncomfortable after a bad night sleep. I'm due June 26, so 39wks tomorrow. I've been having lots and lots of rectal/vag pain today and started painful contractions. They haven't been consistent or anything unfortunately.

    My dr appt today noted baby is engaged, I'm 90 effaced and 1cm dilated. I really want a sweep done to get the show on the road but my OBs fingers are too fat to fit in my cervix lol.

    That's me today and I'm really whiny haha. Hoping all this discomfort is the start of things tho but probably not... Like all the other days ::mobile smiley::
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