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Eczema Help - Natural Washes & Lotions?

Eczema Help - Natural Washes & Lotions?

I believe DD has eczema (so do I) She has a dry rash all over her back.  I had her at the doctor yesterday but it was not her primary doctor and he prescribed a super strong steroid cream that the pharmacist commented that she was surprised the doctor prescribed that for a baby.  I'm not going to use it.  We see her primary doctor next Friday for her 9 month appointment so I'll talk to her then.  In the meantime, I'm trying to find some all natural bath wash and good lotions to use.  Any suggestions?  Thanks!

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Re: Eczema Help - Natural Washes & Lotions?

  • When DS's was worse, I used coconut oil on it every night before bed and Aveeno excema lotion on it in the morning.  It worked well.
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  • We used the Aveno, Burts Bees, and Badger balm, alternating. We also moved baths to every other day, and did no soap for every other bath. GL! It would make me nervous to use a steroid as well.
  • Aveeno, is the best they have wash's, lotions and sun block try it! My boy has eczema and this stuff works
  • We use Arbonne baby oil and it clears it up within a few days.
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  • I've been using live clean baby wash and lotion.  I also use a thick vaselin lotion for the bad patches.

     Good luck finding something that works for your LO! 

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  • We use CJs Carcass cleaner, CJs BUTTer lotion, and coconut oil before bed. Love it all!
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    Unscented goat milk soap
  • Our Dr. said to use Cerave lotion. You can get it at Target at the pharmacy.

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  • image LoveLossHopeRepeat:

    My friend's kids all have Eczema. She speaks highly of California Baby and Aveeno, and when her daughter has particularly bad patches, she actually adds some Neosporin. 

    My sisters both use Curel and Eucerin for their outbreaks. 

    All of this. L only gets a bath every other to every 2 nights. Otherwise she is a rashing, itchy mess. 

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  • Though Los isn't as bad as most my g/f whose son has it horridly has also used this and it works for him: - I love the lavendar scent - but the lotion is WAY too strongly scented.  I love the honey bites (I put them in the bath) and the body wash - its heavy on the coconut oil so that may be what works well (and you can just get that at costco!)

    She also seconds the Careve and Aveeno Excema 

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  • I like California Baby sensitive skin body wash. I don't use lotion much, I really like Babyganics lotion, both can be find at Target.  I also try to bathe her only e/o night and only use soap on certain areas.
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  • image kbradshaw9:
    Our Dr. said to use Cerave lotion. You can get it at Target at the pharmacy.

    This is what dd, dh and I all use. Except we use the cream not the lotion.



  • I think DD has a little patch on her cheek, it comes and goes so I'm thinking it might be it.

    Aquaphor works wonders, and EOD bath as well.

    I'm going to check out that cream/lotion...thanks.  :)

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  • those that only bathe every other day - do you put sunscreen on your baby every day?  We do b/c she's outside every day and I feel like it needs to be cleaned off before she goes to bed. 

    Her back was broken out so bad last night.  I felt so bad for her. 


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  • Vanicream bar is what I use on DS to get sunscreen off. We give him tepid bath every night, then slather on hydrolatum. We use dermasmoothe oil Rx or cortisone Rx for breakouts, which are now rare with the daily regime. If we didn't use sunblock, we don't use any soap on him, just water. When it flares up we put a quarter cup of bleach in bath water every third night to reduce secondary infection. Now that we know he's allergic to dairy, soy, and eggs, I'm able to minimize in my diet and that helps too. If its flared, I think it's better just to use a steroid for a few days to get it down. The derm told me up to 14 days a month is safe, and even more. So I feel fine about 3 days here and there. Now that the skin is clear I might try Emily's products, which are natural oils. When he was flaring, I tried everything to no avail!
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  • Thanks for all the feedback!  I think I'm going to try to find Vanicream. I was all set to try Aveeno but as far as I can see, it's not paraban free :(

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  • We use L'BRI body wash and body butter on both kids. It works better than anything else I've tried, and I've tried a lot in the past 3 years. Something about CA Baby Super Sensitive even bothers him. 

     The only other things we use on our kids at this point are coconut oil and aquafor if we need a protective layer.

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