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The next bathtub contraption?

Jack looks like a sumo wrestler in a sardine box in his bathtub.  He just does not fit.  He can almost lift his butt clear over the speed bump. His head is almost always about to hit the edge for the tub when he moves.

 Is there some next stage contraption for bathing that I don't know about?  He isn't sitting up on his own yet, nor does he look close to doing so.  So, putting him in our big tub is out unless I sit in there with him.   

What are you ladies with fellow sumos doing for bath time? 


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Re: The next bathtub contraption?

  • I have a daphne bath seat that we are using in the big tub.  When he gets too big for that I have a mesh seat type thing he can lay on in the tub.  He is fairly close to sitting on his own though so I suspect we won't need the mesh one.
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  • I just put an inch or two of water in the big tub and put a towel under her head when she's on her back.  She also loves being on her tummy in the bath and splashing around.
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  • I was thinking this same question...DS looks huge in his infant bath tub. We give him a bath in his infant bath tub in the big bath tub because he splashes so much...at least he has started to enjoy his baths! At some point we'll get one of those bath ring seats that will keep him upright...but I'm wondering if those are easy to clean him in or if they are awkward.  

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  • We are having this exact same issue.  DS is sitting up moderately well, so I put 1-2 inches of water in the big tub and sat him down... but even having both hands on him, he was immediately flopping and sliding around. And my legs and back were in agony only 10 seconds in to this.  I had to holler for H to come in and hold him, and I just stripped down and got in the tub with DS right then.  It will be a while before we try that again, without any contraption.  

    I do like the rolled up towel idea.  Extra laundry, but that sounds easier than cleaning another contraption? 

  • I know the bumbo chair's intended use is not for bath time, but I saw someone do it. I am thinking about trying it since in general the chair isn't entertaining enough for regular play with Ds. We bought an activity chair for when he has had enough in the jumperoo. I'm sure with close monitoring just like all children's bathtime, it might work.
  • I have a little spongey thing that allows me to lay little one flat and bathe him in the big tub. I sit him up on it so he can splash around some but I've been using it for a couple months now since he got too big for the sink.
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  • they have bath seats with suctions on the bottom we plan on getting soon, but your ds not sitting i don't know how well that would work. 

    http://www.sears.com/dreambaby-s-new-premium-baby-s-bath-seat-blue/p-04915381000P?prdNo=5&blockNo=5&blockType=G5 ;

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  • DS is sitting pretty well on his own now. We have been putting a laundry basket in the big tub and sitting him in the basket. This allows his toys to stay within arms reach. I have a bath seat, but he would get so mad that he could not reach his toys. I do have a "no skid mat" pin the bottom of the basket so that his tush stays put.

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    We aren't quite there yet with DD.. I just wash her in our bathroom sink. With DS though, I sat in the bath w him from birth and washed him that way. I think we did that until he was sitting up by himself with no problems. Maybe 8 or 9 months.

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