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what could this be?

My 13 month old goes to bed with no problem every night around 715730. Without fail she is crying at 530 and she dows that off and on until 7am usually. She doesn't take a bottle or have any overnight feedings. Her room is pitch black and we have white noise. I also don't go in unless she is freaking out. Why would she be doing this
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Re: what could this be?

  • My son always woke for the day around 5:30.
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  • I mean, sleeping 10 hours straight sounds great to me.  Put her to bed later?


  • Wet diaper? My daughter wakes whenever she pees and tosses and turns and otherwise "sleeps" fitfully until I change her.
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  • I agree with pps about her diaper.  DS will sttn usually, but if he wakes up, there's a reason now.  So I always go in.  Most of the time he has either peed through his diaper, or it's HUGE, so I'll change it (and him if I need to), he gets rocked for just a minute (more for me than him lol), then he goes instantly right back down.

    Also, lately, I think he's been getting thirsty in the motn.  The last couple times he's woken up, his diaper hasn't been huge, so I've given him a sip of water, and he goes right back down.  So I started keeping his sippy in his crib with him (with just water), and that has actually seemed to help.  Might just be in my head though haha. 

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  • Why do you say she's not ready to get up?
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  • Nicb13Nicb13
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    I understand that you want an answer but why can't it just be "because you have a growing child and kids change all the time"?

    I've read TONS of these exact same posts on here because it's pretty common. DS starts stirring around 5 or 5:30am but I don't get him up until he starts yelling for me. I don't want to be up that early! Sometimes I give him a drink of milk or water, change his diaper and put him back in his bed and he'll fall asleep. Lately though he wants up at 6am and is ready to start the day.

    Just because a kid used to sleep in later doesn't mean they always will. Wake up times change weekly in our house. Just my experience.

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  • eav2ceav2c
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    image kathyn21:
    She isn't ready to get up.

    How do you know this with such certainty? Sounds to me like she is or she needs a diaper change or is hungry.
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  • image kathyn21:
    She isn't ready to get up.
    She is not ready to get up, or you are not ready?
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  • My son consistently sleeps 10-11 hours at night -- I think that is just his personal sleep need at this age. he doesn't go down until 8, so wake up isn't until close to 7 most days, but he often will stir about around 5:30. My guess is just that it's already bright and sunny out this time of year, so when he stirs and goes back to sleep, it's just not as deep a sleep.
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