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Any Co-Sleepers here??

DH and I have been co-sleeping with DD since she was about 9 months old.  We are looking at purchasing an actual co-sleeping bed for baby #2.  Any recommendations?

So far, I really like this one and it has really good reviews.  http://www.toysrus.com/buy/top-baby-registry-items/nursery/summer-infant-rest-assured-sleeper-91330-3977276 

Thanks in advance:)

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Re: Any Co-Sleepers here??

  • We co sleep, but we don't use sleeper for them to sleep in. We've always just put them in between us until they are more mobile. It works for us, but not for everyone. I've heard great things though about that co sleeper though.

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  • I wasn't planning on co-sleeping, but this thing makes me consider it. Now I'm intrigued. I wonder if this would be a good substitute for the FP Rock n' Play if I already have a bouncer.

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  • We bought this with dd and used it till she was big enough to just be in the bed safely. We loved it. We bought it at babies r us for 50 the day we came home from the hospital.
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  • I have an actual cosleeper and used it for both my boys. I'll be using it again with this LO. It's amazing. I love being close but knowing I can't roll over on top of my baby. I always use it from newborn to 4 months. I found 4 months old is the perfect age for us to make the switch to the crib.
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  • I used this with DD2 for the first few months, moved her to a bassinet or the swing (right next to my bed) when she was big enough to roll and then she was in our bed for a while. This time I have the crib set up on our room so this baby boy will either be on my chest or in his crib (hopefully) right next to me for the first few months at least and then move into my bed when he's bigger if needed.
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  • Just an fyi. Co-sleeping is when the child sleeps in the same room, bedsharing is when the child is actually in the parents bed. 

    Just a pet peeve of mine.

    We have always had a bassinet next to the bed but baby always ends up in the bed with us anyway.  

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  • We co-sleep (but not bed-share) in the beginning.  We used the arms reach co sleeper (the mini one, but I would get the bigger one if you wanted to co-sleep more than 4-6 months).  Love it!
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  • we bedshare currently with our 16mo in a queen bed with the crib side-car'd. we are thinking of switching to a california king before the 2nd baby gets here. i don't like lots of contraptions for bed sharing.....
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