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Family SUV Suggestions

My husband and I are looking for a bigger vehicle for our growing family. We have a Ford Edge that we absolutely love but with baby on the way and two dogs, miniature schnauzer and boxer, we need something with a lot of cargo room. Husband is taller so it looking for something with lots of leg room too. Anyone have any recommendations?? If only the Ford Edge came with more cargo space - where the seats fold into the floor. It's not big enough to fit our boxers kennel. We test drove a Honda Pilot tonight but husband didn't feel like it had enough leg room and I was having horrible neck pain because of the head rest.

Re: Family SUV Suggestions

  • We bought a used Acura MDX (we couldn't afford a new one) and we LOVE it!!

  • We moved from a CR-V to a Volvo XC-90 in February.  The cargo room is amazing.  It seats 7, but the back two seats are just folded, flat, until needed.  The way the engine is aligned in the front of the car allows for the most cargo space for the size.  I love the power it has.

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    Toyota 4runner.
    my husband and I are tall and we both love are 2010 4runner.
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    We bought a used Acura MDX (we couldn't afford a new one) and we LOVE it!!

    DH has the MDX and I have the RDX. Love them both!!! 

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  • We looked at pretty much all SUVs that have a 3rd row and we ending up liking the Toyota highlander and Toyota 4 runner. We ended up buying a 2013 highlander in May and we LOVE it! It has tons of leg room.
  • I can't help with "what to buy" but I can help with what NOT to buy - A Dodge Durango. I bought a maaaaajjjjjooooorrrr lemon, but apparently they have all kinds of issues. I ended up trading it in 8 months later for a Honda CR-V. I treat that Honda like other people treat some fancy import because I finally know the joy of a reliable car. The Durango had room and all the upgrades, but I love my CR-V after having that POS.


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  • I am leaning towards the dreaded minivan in a few years...gasp!

    But my friends have a sequoia that is pretty awesome. I would need a 3rd row vehicle if we have another child so we are considering one.
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  • 2013 Nissan pathfinder. I just traded in my Infiniti ex35 which I loved for the pathfinder so we could have more cargo room and DH could have leg room. It has all the luxuries of my Infiniti and better mpg. I definitely recommend a test drive.
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  • We have a 2006 Toyota Highlander. We also test drove the Pilot and there was more leg room in the highlander. Both DH and I are really tall, so leg room was key! We also have the optional 3rd row, which we keep folded down. The trunk is huge and we have plenty of space for our giant stroller.

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  • We have a Subaru Forester and an Acura MDX.

    The MDX is the same platform as the Pilot. It's a beast of a car, but I used to drive a teeny 2001 VW Jetta. The thing that sold us was its ability to fit three car seats across.

    We also bought our MDX used.

  • Try a Toyota Highlander. We really like ours.
  • We have an '08 Enclave (Buick). I got a lemon (first model year - won't do that again) but most people I know who have them LOVE them. Mine is great when it's working, but I've had a ton of issues with it. I am getting a minivan this summer, but we are expecting #4. That's what I wanted in the beginning but DH wanted to buy GM (his mom works for GM) and they'd don't make any minivans these days. I am excited for my minivan. But I am not a "car" person. I don't particularly care about brand/look/status... I just want comfortable and reliable. And easy.
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  • I have a 2007 Chevy Tahoe and I love it!  The only thing I wish I could change is having bucket seats in the second row instead of the bench that we have.  This is baby number 4 and it will be a bit of a tight fit but I have no intention of getting anything else until this one is paid off and driven to the ground. Also, anything bigger wouldn't fit in our garage.
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  • I will be getting a new for expedition el. It is the extended length. It is one of the only vehicles that is not ginormous but is wide enough for three car seats
  • Why not check out the new Ford Explorer? If you already like your Ford and like Sync (which I couldn't live without) it seems like it would be a good fit. I think they look great and they have a third row seat that power folds flat I think.... I'm looking into getting one in a year or so and we also have 2 big dogs. You can open the tailgate by waving your foot! Also, usually companies will give you loyalty cash ($1000 or so) if you are trading in the same make. So look into that one!
  • We purchased a new Kia Sportage 2 years ago. We absolutely LOVE it, and we have tons of cargo room, but if the Edge isn`t big enough then the sportage certainly won`t be. Have you checked out the Kia Sorento with the extra row of seats? I never thought I would own a kia, but after test driving different models, it is the one we had to go back to and we do not regret our decision whatsoever. Once we outgrow it, we will probably go with the Sorento.

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