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When bedtime routines fail

LO is fighting sleep like its her job. Today she went 5 hours without a nap. Last night it took me 2 hours to get her to bed. I have sleep routines for naps and bedtimebut what do you do when you've run through the routine and LO is either still awake or melting down? The only thing that will calm her when she's freaking out is walking around the house or playing, which gets her mind off it. I'm a little afraid that she'll start thinking that roaming around the house for 30 minutes is part of her bedtime routine. Am I giving in by letting her play instead not sure if she's smart enough to think that way yet. What do you do?

Re: When bedtime routines fail

  • Does she go to sleep easily after her walk/playtime? Because if she did, I would bump everything up 30 minutes, give her that time to walk or play, then start whatever you do for your bedtime routine. That way she's not going to bed any later, and maybe you're avoiding a visit to Meltdown City. I am no help for naps, haha. DS can put himself to sleep, but only sleeps 30 minutes usually. I can sneak longer ones if he's in his swing, and on really tough days I do let him nap in there. But I'm trying to slowly break that association and get him to nap well in his crib.
  • I just went through a week+ of overtired baby (first we had to cart DH around everywhere to his appointments b/c he had a back injury, then growth spurt, then growth spurt aftermath, seems to be over now though).

    We don't have a sleep time routine per sey (see bedsharing post below for details) but when DD is overtired and won't let me put her to sleep DH takes her for a walk around the block to calm her down.

    I think being with him (change of caregiver) and getting out of the house (change of scenery) is what helps. When he hands her back to me I can rock and nurse her and she's asleep. I just let her sleep on me at that point and only transfer her to bed when I plan on being there with her. She does not wake up if I am lying next to her and she finally gets some sleep.

    We had to do that all last week, the next am she'd be fine and then every nap after that she would wake up in grumpsville and not want to go back to sleep for love or money.

    :::knocks on wood::: She seems to be back to her normal self and is at this very moment asleep on her own as I finish my dinner with an empty lap. So breaking the "routine" for some other activity didn't seem to "spoil" our regular sleeping habits.

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  • We were the meltdown city tonight. He was very overtired and before he used to nap for 30 minutes between 6-7, but then he was starting to fight sleep at his normal 8:30 bedtime. This is the third night that we took out the 6-7 nap and put him down before 8. It really backfired on us tonight. Sorry I am no help, but I understand.

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