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If you are BFing, do you drink?

I am trying to get a handle on what/when/how much I can drink and safely nurse. My DD is almost 4 weeks old. Yesterday I had 1.5 beers between feedings and assumed this was ok? Then I nursed and had one more before the next feeding. All in this was less than three beers over six hours of nursing. I felt completely fine and assume this was ok?

Just wondering everyone's take on drinking and nursing how are you handling?
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Re: If you are BFing, do you drink?

  • Personally, I don't want to drink while BF. I was not a big drinker before though either. I don't see the point in taking the chance that something could happen.

    That being said a lot of people will say that if you feel ok then it should be fine to BF. others say you should wait x amount of hours before BF, or pump and dump.
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  • My rule is one beer per hour. Anything more than that gets tested first with a strip. The strips are pricey, but worth the peace of mind. They sell them at Target and BRU.

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  • I think the general rule is "Okay to drive, okay to BF."
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  • I use the strips. Honestly I usually feel fine and without the strips I would have just assumed since I had 1 an hour or felt ok to drive it would be ok. Well the strips showed that there was still alcohol in my milk so I was glad I had them to double check. I also found a site that allows you to type in your weight and how many drinks you have an it tells you how long before its out of your milk. For me it says 1 drink is 2ish hours.

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  • I asked my LC this and she said as long as I don't over do it, I can have a drink or two. If I feel like it's affecting me, then don't feed S from the boob. If I go out and party then yah duh, don't feed. But if I have one beer (she even suggested it since it'll help lessen my stress over BF-ing and the issues we have with it) after my last feeding session or even if I'm still finishing up a drink when S wants to eat it's perfectly fine.
  • No, but I didn't drink before I was pregnant either (meaning I only drink a few times a year)
  • Right now I have sips and had half a margarita. I am a lightweight and with him so young I am extra careful. Once I get a longer stretch at night I will have no problem having a beer after he goes to bed but right now when he goes to bed so do I


  • Just had a glass of wine. I keep it to 1 or 2 beers or glasses of wine.

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  • wjvwjv
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    Just had a glass of wine. I keep it to 1 or 2 beers or glasses of wine.

    Me too

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  • Ok to drive ok to bf...kellymom has good info on it too.

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  • Thanks to everyone for sharing your perspective.  Like everything else with pregnancy and babies, it seems that everyone has a different point of view as to what is ok.  I think I will continue with my one or two drinks right after nursing approach but also go ahead and buy the strips!
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  • I have been having a glass of wine once he goes down from 8pm to midnight so I have almost 4 hours to process it.

    i have the strips and it looks likes a good rule to follow is 2 hours for one drink and 4 hours for 2 drinks 

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  • I just keep it to 1-2 drinks per day and only a few times per week.  
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