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Baby Acne

DS2 has "baby acne" on his face along the sideburn area and then on his upper chest and back and neck! It seems excessive and some areas look rashy yet still pimply... if that makes sense. he doesnt seem bothered by it.
Anyone's LO have this? What are you doing to treat it or are you letting it run its course and not stressing over it?
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Re: Baby Acne

  • Sammy had this for 10 weeks.  I just left it alone.  It slowly turned into more of an obvious rash that clearly bothered him because he was constantly scratching at and rubbing his face.  The doctor determined it was now eczema and gave us a cream that cleared it right up.  If baby isn't bothered by it I would just leave it alone.  Keep his face clean and dry. I used aquaphor baby wash on it as it was gentle and doesn't have perfumes that might further irritate it.

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  • DD has it! 

    I was told to just wipe the area(s) with a warm washcloth a couple times a day and pat it dry. It seems to help.  

  • My son gets that if his face touches our blankets if we washed them in non-clear and free soap.. He also gets that way if he spits up multiple times and it lands on the same area.
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  • DD had baby acne that turned into a heat rash. We left it alone for a few days but then her skin got dry and itchy. You could tell it was really starting to bother her. Our doctor suggested putting Aveeno on the dry, itchy parts of her face and it worked perfectly.

  • DD has it.  She's a really messy eater so if there is milk on her face and it doesn't get wiped off we notice she'll break out.  We've been making sure to dry her face after every feeding, and to wipe her down with a warm wash cloth before bed every night.  It seems to be helping.
  • My daughter had it pretty bad, I just left it alone... Doc said hydro cortisone but I didnt feel comfortable about that... It disappeared around 7 weeks
  • Try using the extra rinse option on your washer (assuming you have one)...that really seemed to help with our LO.  And be patient...my doctor said it typically only lasts til the 2 or 3 month mark...sure enough around 8 weeks it all cleared up!

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