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I still have them!!! I have tried everything and even had a course of hydrocortisone suppositories. Did yours go away? They got a bit better with the suppositories, but more have popped out since I stopped. gross!!!

Re: Hemorrhoids....TMI

  • This is extreme and was a PITA but it worked.   My OB said to try this before going to a colon and rectal surgeon because mine had gotten so bad.    He said the trick was giving them the chance to heal instead of aggrevating them every time I went to the bathroom.

    Up your fiber to 20-25g a day (high fiber instant oatmeal and fiber bars made this easy for me).  Drink a minimum of 12C water a day. Take 4 colace (max amount) each night before bed.  Use a little vaseline before doing poo to help not aggrevate them. Only wipe with tucks pads And heres the hard part.   Do 3-4 sitz baths a day for 10 minutes each.   I ended up doing them in the bathroom sink because I could just fill the sink and sit on the counter.  There was no way I could strip down and get in the bathtub that often when I was alone with LO.   Do it as hot as you can handle.  

    Mine FINALLY started to feel better around day 4. and by day 7 they were gone. I've kept up the fiber, water and the colace (but only 2 pills now) but I want to wean off the stool softener soon.  


    ETA: Prior to this my OB gave me a prescription cream to use on while it helped a little they did not go away.  


  • Mine are horrible right now, and nothing is really helping them.  Sad
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  • Mine went away 7 weeks pp but came back when I finally decided to have sex.


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  • Glad I'm not the only one, although sorry everyone else is going through the same misery!  I am going to try to take some of the advice from PPs, and I have my 6 wk post-partum appointment tomorrow, so I am definitely going to bring it up. 
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  • Yup, still have them and was wondering myself how long do these last?! Going to try pp suggestions for sure!
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