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Dunzo with pumping.



I decided to drop my last pumping session at work last week.  When I first came back to work, I pumped 3 times per day.  After a few months, I took it down to twice a day.  Since the end of March I had taken it down to once a day.  Finally, I just got tired of it and decided to drop it completely.  I was only getting between 5-7 ounces total (when I first started I would get 12 easily).  So I didn't pump at all last week.  After a couple of days, my body adjusted so I'm not engorged or uncomfortable by the end of the day.  I don't pump at all now, ever.  I still nurse in the mornings, evenings, and throughout the day on the weekend.

I lasted 9 months, 7 of those pumping at work.  *Pats self on back*

Bye-bye, Medela!


/pours one out for breast pump




Re: Dunzo with pumping.

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