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Wtf mystery UTI

Even after a liter of water my pee is like orangey yellow and burns like razor blades. Went to urgent care, strip test said I was fine. They think maybe it's too early for the strip test to work and are doing a culture and putting me on antibiotics anyway.

Feeling like I got a cuntpunt. Is this just magically a pregnancy symptom wtf.

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Re: Wtf mystery UTI

  • Ugh, that's frustrating, especially when traveling!!!! Glad they sent out cultures and started abx - hopefully you caught it early enough and it starts resolving ASAP!

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  • Hopefully they'll get the results before you need to leave.  That STINKS though.  Ugh...No burning pee for me...My CM is like on fire though today. 


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  • I had the same thing two weeks ago. Strip test was negative but cultures were posative. I think it's because we are more sensative right now we feel stuff before it can be seen on some tests. Good luck in your travels...UTI's are a B***h!


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  • Oh man I'm sorry! about two weeks ago i had woke up with a really bad one Angry it sucked...
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  • brutal! sorry you're dealing with that
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  • I'm so happy they started you on meds.  I hate it when doctors get all skiddish about that before the results are in.
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  • Ugh sorry. Hope it gets better soon!!!
  • So annoying. Of course it happens when you're not home! Lovely timing. Hope you feel better soon with the antibiotics!



  • I feel you, sister. It's annoying because I used to get UTIs from particularly awesome sexcapades, but now it's just from...what? Sitting around? (I know, I know, it's because we're growing a human and that makes us more prone to UTIs).
    I promise to never forget that this little dude deserves just as much love after the baby comes as he has now.
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  • Ugh, that sounds awful!  I'm so glad they started you on some meds.  Hopefully it clears up soon!

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