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What does your 6 month old SIT in?

I used to use the snuggle bunny thing but he is way too big.  Im wondering what you all use for your baby to sit in when he is just chilling out/ holding his own bottle or.. dare I say... watching a few minutes of TV? Thanks!
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Re: What does your 6 month old SIT in?

  • He Sits unsupported with the boppy behind him for protection.

    But will also sit in the summer infant super seat... much better than the bumbo. 

    ps. Brayden loves him some tv... Especially the news so I can justify that atleast its educational... haha ;) 

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  • She can escape most things, but she can't escape her Johnny jumper or the exersaucer. So I use those if I need her to stay in one place.

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  • Thanks! I have the summer infant seat but kind of forgot about it- I have so much equipment- it got buried~!
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  • I used the Summer seat at that age as well. He really only sat in it while I was taking a shower. I kind of regret that purchase though as it didn't get much use. He started crawling and sitting up really well around 6 mos I think. I just let him sit in the Pack N Play and pull it in the bathroom. Once they are pretty mobile, they don't want to be constrained to a seat.
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  • DD will sit in her bumbo seat to eat (she's too tiny for her high chair) and also her boppy. Her bumbo has the seatbelt and although I've heard many people not like it, DD loves it! And DH and I have never had a problem with it.
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  • DS is 5 1/2 weeks old. He just sits on the floor with the boppy around him for support. Eventually he wiggles down and ends up flat with the boppy around the sides of his head (I'm always steps away when he is doing this). He will also sit in his jumperoo...usually he jumps like crazy in it but sometimes he'll just sit in it and watch us and play with his hands! LOL! We have a Bumbo, but he doesn't really like it. 

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  • She just sits on the floor....

  • You could try the fisher price infant to toddler rocker. My brother and SIL have one for my nephew and when we are at their house my son sits in it and enjoys it. She used it a lot when he was younger but he still fits and enjoys sitting in it at 20ish months old. It goes up to 40 lbs.

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  • She sits in her high chair for meals or if I'm cooking and need her to be in one place and can't wear her. For playing I sit her on a blanket on the floor with the boppy around her to help her steady herself. I still use her bouncy chair to put her in while changing the laundry (because its unfinished floor down there) but she doesn't really like being restrained for more than a couple minutes.
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  • Our physical therapist said a bumbo or similar chair that you can put up against like the bottom of the couch so LO can't throw themselves backward.  I also got a tray to help LO stay sitting up and in case she leans too far forward. She can get herself back up.
  • DS sits on the floor with a boppy pillow around him or in a bebepod seat (similar to bumbo) which I also use in the tub for his baths. He also has a jumperoo and johnny jumper which he seems to be losing interest in.  
  • When my LO was 6 months, we sat him in his infant bath tub, it propped him up and allowed him to use his arms to play with toys. He out grew his bumbo around 5 months due to his chubby legs. We also have a fisher price infant to toddler rocker which is ok, but he preferred the bath tub.
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  • Exersaucer, Bumbo or Jenny Jump-Up. I also put a blanket down on the floor frequently and she rolls herself around the living room but doesn't get much further than that (yet!).


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