Summer middle school supplementation

I am babysitting my sisters 3x a week this summer. They are currently 13 and 11, going into 8th and 6th grade respectively. 

They keep telling me that because it's summer they don't have to think about school or "be smart." It rubs me the wrong way.... I know they aren't my kids, but I still feel like I should do some supplementation with them this summer. My mom agrees.

I don't want to make them do worksheets or anything, but I'm looking for stuff that  can be educational and fun for middle school kids. I also need to be able to have my two little ones with me when I do it. 

We will be going to the museum and the zoo, but I'm looking for some other stuff too.



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Re: Summer middle school supplementation

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    Get them to read. Seriously., if all of my students (I teach 8th) read all summer, things would be a million times better for us all.
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  • That won't be a problem. :) They are voracious readers and even during summer will read a book each week. 

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    Nathan- 3.5 Years (April 2011)
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    Our county parks system has nature programs for kids every Wednesday in the summer. They also have themed backpacks you can check out with educational nature activities. From what I understand, this is not an uncommon program, so you might look into this in your area. They are probably geared a little young for a 13yr old, but it would be a good opportunity for her to teach something to your older child.
  • There are things that are educational without telling the kids you are making them do school this summer. And I would be more surprised if your 13yo sister was happy that you suggested this. But I agree about reading and doing some educational trips. And then do the in schooling thing where they learn through experiences. My kids are little but I was explains how to read thousands to my son when we were playing skee ball the other day. Even when they are older they need to practice things like counting money at stores etc.
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