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Babysitter Rates?

DH and I went out for the first time on Friday ... Woohoo!

Our 17 year old babysitter with 4 years experience told me 5 to 6/hour was her rate. But our friends and coworkers said that 10/hr was what we should give her. So we went with 8 but now I feel guilty.

We live in the Denver metro area with one baby. Maybe 10 seems like a lot because I got 2 to 3 back in Iowa 15 years ago!

Re: Babysitter Rates?

  • We also have a teenage sitter we use on occasion.  I think we pay her $8 per hour when she comes over.  $5-6 seems a little bit low to me, too.
  • I used to get $5/hr when I was younger.  That was like 20 years ago though, but I mean babysitter rates go up?? I guess $8 is fair.  $10 is too much I think.  Maybe I'm just cheap. lol

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  • I made 12 per hour 10 years ago in Chicago proper. When I was growing up in indiana, it was a lot less.
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  • We pay $10/hr for a 27 yr old with a bachelor's degree (not child related). I think 8 for a teenager is good.
  • $10 an hour is the going rate here for someone without professional childcare experience. A teacher at Jack's school for example, I would pay $15.



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  • I think 8 for a teenager is good. Our sitters are in their early twenties and work with kids during the day and for one kid we pay 12 and for the two kids it is 15 depending on the sitter.
    I used to make 15 an hour nannying 2 kids while their mom was home. And this was 10 years ago.
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  • We pay ten dollars an hour for babysitting. It may seem high but I think worth it. My little sister is 24 and she does some babysitting and gets paid that amount too.
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  • We pay our babysitter $13/hour for one baby. Though we live in the city of Chicago so I think we are on the high end.  I think people in the suburbs pay $10/hour.
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  • It's 15 an hour in NJ
  • Think $8 an hour sounds fair, esp for a 17 yo.  I definitely wouldn't go above $10, at least around here that would be pretty steep.

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  • image Reilly626:
    It's 15 an hour in NJ
    In Houston too.  $20/hour with experience.
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  • We just had our very first sitter, DD's teacher from daycare, when I asked her what she charged, she said what ever you want to pay! I said what to others pay you? She said $10/hour but what ever you want is fine. We paid $10/hour. I was actually a bit surprised I made $10-12/hour 10 years ago!
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  • Here in rural kansas 5/hr would be plenty but that's for a high school girl. There's not really adults that do evening or weekend babysitting
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