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Carpal Tunnel - can't handle it!

Does anyone have any new or unique ways of dealing with Carpal Tunnel?  My arms and ands are numb practically all day long.  Sleeping is miserable - the pain shooting through my fingers is obnoxious and making me crazy.  Dr. says to use those braces - which I've tried but the burning is too much to handle and I end up taking them off at 2am and can't sleep - my hand is numb as Im typing this.  I've tried reducing my sodium, taking Vitamin B6, hand exercises, yoga.... nothing seems to be working for me.  Any helpful suggestions would be great!

Re: Carpal Tunnel - can't handle it!

  • I had horrible carpal tunnel during my third trimester of my first pregnancy. I thought it would go away when I had him but it got worse!!! The only thing that worked was wearing splints on both my wrists. Not the most convenient when you've got a new baby but it was the only thing that allowed relief.
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  • I get it in my right hand, not too severe but I have some suggestions. I got a soft nighttime brace from CVS that's way more comfortable than the typical braces you're supposed to wear during the day. That thing has helped tremendously. I'm not too bothered by it at night and it keeps my wrist in the perfect position so that it feels a million times better in the morning.

    I find that wearing the braces during the day make it worse. But if your doctor wants you to wear a brace during the day you should follow his advice. 

    Icing helps a ton when it's throbbing. I usually ice in the evening when I'm just sitting and watching TV. 20 minutes on the top of my wrist, then 20 minutes on the bottom of it, rinse and repeat. 

    Before pregnancy I'd take Aleve, but now I'll take Tylenol. Carpel Tunnel is caused by the tendons around the main nerve in your wrist swelling and putting pressure on that nerve. So taking an anti-inflammatory provides huge benefits. 

    Sorry you have to put up with this! Hope it goes away soon! 

  • I'm having trouble with this too, although definitely more at night than during the day. I woke up a million times a night with numb and tingly hands and finally wore a wrist brace last night and it was a life saver!! I hardly woke up with any issues. Might need to invest in one for my left wrist too, as I only have a right sided one for now.
  • I've had bouts with it on and off for years. On you tube there are some great wrist excercises videos for drummers.,they really helped me. I also wore the braces all night every night.
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