? Re: Planning 4th bday party..

Is your LO involved at all.. Mainly regarding the theme?  

I want to get a feel of what kind of party DD will love.  I'm sure I could pick one she'd be thrilled with but I'm wondering if I should take her to Party City and have her pick a theme with me.  Or is that still too much at this age?  Just want it to be special since less than two months later the baby will be here. 

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Re: ? Re: Planning 4th bday party..

  • la79alla79al
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    I let DD pick the theme but it was easy for her because her life was Rapunzel at that time.  I didn't let her pick much beyond the theme though.
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  • My first DD chose a Build-a-bear party for her fourth, so that made it easy on me.  My twins' fourth is coming up and I chose the theme.  We just got a puppy (we meant to get one closer to their birthday in July, but found a beautiful rescue baby we couldn't resist) and because we have cats and dogs , I chose a cat-dog  theme. Because our parties we collect donations for a cause of child's choice and they chose the puppy's rescue group, that was an easy pick.  Just for the record, though, we spoil them rotten for their family birthday dinner.

    My first is very mature and has opinions on everything.  My twins, however, are more laid back and easily pleased.  I think little one will be swept up in the moment whether you pick or she picks, so do what seems more fun to you.  I am excited about the surprise, but when they get older, they will be MUCH more specific as to their needs/demands!

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  • We didn't do a theme for her fourth. I did let her pick out her cake design.

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  • She planned most of her third and her fourth.

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  • I didn't take my boys anywhere to pick a theme, but I talked about suggestions based on their interests and they picked one. For DS1 it was a pirate party for his 4th and for DS2 it's going to be a Lego party next month.

    I don't like to do a ton of trademarked goods, so I guess that's why I steer away from party stores. With DS2, we talked about Lego, superheroes, dinosaurs, knights/dragons, and then I could go do a party (more generic than TMed) from that. I make a pinterest board and collect ideas and then the birthday kid sits down and helps plan from the ideas I show him. 

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  • rsd12rsd12
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    My 3 yr old picked out his theme... And he has already picked out his 4 ye old theme for September. But this might be because he has older siblings.
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  • LoCarbLoCarb
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    Yes, DD picked the activity,theme and invitees.
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  • My kids decide what they want. They have always had a joint party but this next one might be harder to agree on.
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  • I let DS pick his theme. I started letting him on his 2nd birthday and he has had a say every year since. He usually picks a theme and then I make it cute. By cute I mean I find the theme on Etsy and ideas on Pinterest to make it less Party City and more chic lol Birthday's are a big deal in our house and my kids get excited to help pick out and order the cake, decorations, locations etc.  

    1st - Jungle animals (rented outdoor water park area & BBQ)

    2nd- Madagascar (indoor play place)

    3rd- Pirate (rented kids aquatic center play structure)

    4th- Shark/under the Sea (indoor play area)

    5th- Superhero (water bounce house, bbq)


    1st- Winter ONEderland (big over the top party at home)

    2nd- Tinkerbell (indoor play area) 

    3rd- She is already talking about it and its not until December lol 

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  •  I think it would be a lot of fun for a four year old to go to a party store and pick out his/her own theme! I personally like to get things here and there rather than all from the party store so I've never done that but I don't see why it would be bad!

    I have asked DD1 from the age two what theme she wanted based on her interest.

    For 2 she picked ice cream.

    for 3 she picked candy land (like the board game)

    for 4 she picked mermaids (party on the beach!)

    for 5 she chose to forgo a party and have 3 days at Disney World.

    for DD2, we have moved just before her birthday twice so we have done family outings instead of big parties. For her first we did the zoo, for her second we did a water park. This will be her first friend party but I didn't really let her pick because I have been gathering lady bug themed stuff for 2 years to have a party for her!  

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  • I gave ds a few options I'd be happy with to pick from.  He didn't really seem to have a preference, so I ended up trying to sway him a bit to what I wanted (figured it was the last year I'd get to do this). But my ds is also obsessed with party city since balloons are his favorite thing in the world, so he's not overwhelmed going there =).

    My DD has already told me she wants a Minnie party for her 2nd! bday party.

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  • LSU628LSU628
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    I kind of let DD pick the place where she wants to have the party and build the theme around the location. For her 2nd we did the Children's Museum and she wanted  Minnie cake.

    3rd she wanted it at the gym where she does gymnastics. It was during the Olympics so I did a red/white/blue/Olympics theme

    This year we saw a cute birthday party taking place at a local tea room so we are doing an Alice in Wonderland tea party. I also tend to stay away from the Party city and character themed stuff. 

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