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Please tell me I'm not alone!

Anyone else's LO miserable right now?  DD doesn't want to be held, if I put her down I have to sit right next to her, has had several screaming fits over the last few days and refuses to sleep...UGH!  This weekend was particularly challenging.  The only thing that seemed to keep her content was either riding in the car or stroller.

Bedtime has been miserable as well.  She fights sleep hard core, screaming at the top of her lungs for about an hour.  Nothing will console her, and then she just suddenly passes out and goes to sleep.  Once asleep she sleeps pretty well (waking twice to feed but then right back to sleep) it's the getting to sleep that sucks.

Please tell me this is just phase that will pass! 

Re: Please tell me I'm not alone!

  • Is she teething. That can possibly make her extra fussy...? 
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  • What is your night-time routine like? She might need to have the same things happen in the same order with the same items so that she knows it's sleep time now - no ifs, ands, or buts. Also, my LO is getting to the point where he'll cry or whine and watch me and stop. I read that they've learned that there's a cause and effect to their crying and might begin to cry/whine just to be held or comforted. I think that's a pretty good sign that they need tons of comfort and love, but it's good for everyone to have breaks. When my LO gets like that, I offer him some tummy time, some back time with toys dangling (he reaches for them now!!), or I hold him and walk around. Sometimes (so a bad-mommy thing to do), I lay him in the boppy and have him watch Disney Junior for 30 minutes or so. It seems to work.
  • I'm out of step with most of my fellow Feb moms, but you are not alone, even if it is for different reasons.

    DD has been inconsolably over-tired for the last three days and was fighting sleep for the four days before that. She is a heavy nurser too so when she did sleep at all this week I have had to just give in and let it be on me so she would nurse and stay asleep (I haven't introduced a paci yet, truth be told the main reason is that I don't want my period back :$ ). So I have been exhausted and stressed out. I HATE it when she is inconsolable. It makes me feel like I am going insane.

     I assume that this is the 3 month/12 week growth spurt, but since I have had so much going on (DH has a back injury) and she nurses so much anyway the only evidence of my theory is her lack of poop (ug. she's also a heavy pooper, still going 4+ times a day usually)!

    Anyhow, just commiserating.... I hear that there is a 4 month growth spurt (source: kellymom) though so maybe we are going through the same thing???

    ETA: She usually sleeps on me for naps but sometimes I can wear her while she sleeps or gently put her down for up to 15-20 minutes trying to get her used to it or I can put her in the car seat and she will fall asleep during errands; not this past week. I just wanted to clarify.

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  • Your not alone. LO has been super fussy. I'm at wits end!! Teething, growth spurt, my lack of bm supply, upset tummy because I ate a hot pepper....it goes on and on. When she starts to wail I have no answers because it's just not like her to be like that. At the other extreme when we have a day or two at home and don't have running all over town to do, all she does is sleeps all day and then I'm concerned about that as well, thinking she is getting sick because I take her to the hospital with me when I have to take care of a family member. LO was put on antibiotics because our family had been in contact with a deadly disease and I also worry that she contracted it or the antibiotics are making her ill. I wish babies came with a meter reader that would tell you! Hungry, sleepy, sick, etc. All these cries sound the same to me!
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  • My lo has been miserable the last week.  He was super clingy and waking up a ton throughout the night when he had previously only been getting up one time.  To make matters worse he just got leg braces last Wednesday because he was born with a clubfoot.  He has to wear them 23 hours a day.
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