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I feel like I'm drugging my baby....not really but it does upset me all the medicine he gets. He takes Zantac for reflux, and mylicon for gas several times daily. Then he got his 4 month shots, which you all know how that goes. He so desperately needed Tylenol after the shots but I held off. How could I add Tylenol on top of the 2 meds plus shots. Apparently they aren't contraindicated but still. Ped says starting solids will help with the reflux so I think we're going to start this week even though he is 4.5 months and we had hoped to wait until 6. It's seriously like picking the least of the 2 evils, but I wanna stop putting chemicals in my baby. Ugh! anyone else ever feel like this??!!

ETA Sorry for the dramatic post, just been a loong weekend. My lil guy had to have surgery when he was a few weeks old so
he wad on meds then plus had to have several xrays. How much can one little body take. mobile sad face.

Re: drugs

  • Oh I can't imagine the pain of seeing these chemicals go through his tiny body, just to help. What did they do 200 years ago when baby had reflux?! Good thing it'll pass though. And you sound like the kind of mom who is going to provide the best resources once he's off, so I'm sure he'll transition fine and be a normal, healthy, blessing of a boy. What was the surgery for? What a strong little man!!
  • ((Hugs))  I get it.  I totally get it.  I HATE taking medication and I really hate giving it to my baby (vaccines are non-negotiable with me, though.  We vax on schedule, no question).  You just have to weigh the benefit of the medication vs the symptoms it addresses.  If your baby is miserable with reflux then, as much as it sucks, the medication is the lesser of two evils, you know?  

    I totally hear what you are saying.  I agree that it's hard. 

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  • I really don't think starting solids at 4.5 months is an "evil." My older two kids are 9 and 13 and both started solids at 4 months. Six months is not a magic number as our children are not from a cookie cutter mold. Some are ready earlier and some would benefit from solids earlier because they have things like reflux.

    That being said, I think it is better that some people in this society are not of the "throw a pill at it" mentality.

    All these meds/vaccines have been studied up the ying-yang and are safe. Much safer than things that aren't regulated by the FDA.

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