Two Under 2

Did you?

If you have 2u2, did you have a c section or vaginal for your first?

Was it planned or spontaneous?

Re: Did you?

  • For the first?  My LO#1 was vaginal.  Hoping LO#2 will be too.

    Was the pregnancy planned or spontaneous or the birth plan?  Both pregnancies were planned if that's what you're asking. 

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  • I had a c-section with my first.  We were induced for pre-eclampsia and after laboring at 8cm for 4+ hours my OB did an emergency c-section because my  cervix had begun swelling around his head.

    This time, I was told we have to do a rcs because the births are only 12 months apart.  I tried arguing, but my OB basically point blank asked me.. what's more important.. taking a risk on MY health and the health of my second son to try a natural birth, or plan a repeat c/s.  We've scheduled the c/s.  It sucks, because my OB's policy is no vbac after 2 c/s, so this essentially means I will likely never get the chance to vbac, unless guidelines change.. 

    As far as "planned" goes.. LO1 was absolutely planned.. LO 2 was semi-planned.. we didn't go on BC because we knew we wanted them close, but a BFP when LO was 4 months was a surprise.

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  • Csection with my first.

    Both pregnancies were planned.

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  • QmommyQmommy
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    Both vaginal. 

    30 hours of labor with DD1.

    2.5 hours of labor with DD2.

    All 3 pregnancies were planned. 

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  • Both of my kids were planned and I had an emergency csection with ds and next month I will have dd via csection and have my tubes tied.
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  • Csection for both. Both planned. 
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  • If you have 2u2, did you have a c section or vaginal for your first?

    vaginal. Hoping to do it that way again this time. 

    Was it planned or spontaneous?

    My 2nd was a surprise, but we always planned to have at least two kids, so I don't really consider him spontaneous.
  • DS1 was vaginal. I was induced 10 hours after my water broke. DS2 was as well but this time I went into labor on my own and didn't need pitocin.

    DS1 was planned. We were going to have another a few years later, but because it took so long to get DS1 and with my history we decided against hormonal BC DS2 was spontaneous.
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  • DS1 Surprise! I went in to labor spontaneously on the morning I was supposed to be induced (41w 6d) and delivered vaginally. My labor started at 3:00 am and DS1 was born at noon. His birthday is December 22. This labor was fast, intense and painful. I went naturally, but I was scared and it completely drained me.

    DS2 was planned. My closest sibling is 11 years younger than me. I have two more siblings even younger than her, and I feel more like their second mom or weird aunt. I wanted my children to experience the sibling closeness I never got to. DS1 and DS2 are 18 months apart. I went into labor spontaneously at 40w 4day and the labor was much slower. I started having regular contractions at 5:00 am and didn't have the baby until midnight, but the contractions weren't even painful until they broke my water at 11:45. DS2 was born July 18.

    With LO3, I plan to have a natural, vaginal birth again, since my experiences have been generally very good. This pregnancy was a surprise again, though! :) 

  • Vaginal with both, both planned.

    BFP 5/21/10, Missed m/c 7/5/10 at 11w3d (baby measured 7wks), D&C 7/7/10

    Aug/Sept 2010 - CD3&10 b/w & u/s, genetic testing, SA, HSG, & Lap/Hyst to remove septum

    12/09/10 BFP -- 7/05/11 DS born at 33w5d. Came home after 23d in NICU at 37w0d

    June 2012 - TTC #2! -- 10/05/12 BFP --  5/23/13 DS2 born at 37w1d! Yay full term!

    Surprise BFP 6/25/14 LO#3 due Feb2015!

  • aandgaandg
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    DS was a vaginal birth after about 12 hours of labor starting with my water breaking.

    DD was a c section due to complete placenta previa.

    Both were planned but we were very surprised at how quickly I got pregnant with DD (first month with no birth control). 

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  • i am 6w pregnant right now with my second and my kids would be 19.5 months apart... my first was meticulously planned with ovulation tests and bbt and stuff.. this baby is a huge surprise and a oops... we never planned for 2u2 ..i always wanted them 3 years apart..but it is what it is.. my first was induced at 41 weeks and a normal vaginal delivery.. we will see how this one goes
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  • Both vaginal births.

    DS1 was an unplanned pregnancy and I had a planned induction at 36 weeks. 18 hour labor and an hour and a half of pushing.

    DS2 was a planned pregnancy and a planned induction at 39 weeks 5 days. 9 hours from start to finish.


  • DD1 was planned, although a bit surprising how quickly it happened (first try).  Just started trying for LO2, so he/she will be planned as well.

    Labor and delivery was hell with DD1.  I was induced, had a 22 hour back labor, failed epidural, stalled at 8cm for 7 hours, developed an infection, broke my tailbone, put on oxygen, and was 30 minutes away from an emergency csection.  Managed to push her out after she finally spun around for me.  I'm hoping to schedule a csection this next time around...

  • My first was an emergency csection. Second was a vaginal delivery (vbac) just 11 months after the csection. Third will hopefully be another vaginal delivery. 
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  • Vaginal for the first- went into labor on my own on my due date, had a 5 hour labor with an epi, and pow! DS#1. If #2's labor is like that I will be a happy camper. 
  • Vaginal for both. 

    Fully expecting a vaginal for the 3rd, barring unforeseen circumstances.

    All three of my pregnancies have been planned.

    Labor was not induced with either baby,  if that's what you were referring to.

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  • I did 2u2 twice. The first two kids were planned, but the third was a bit of a surprise.

    DS was a vaginal delivery after 30 hours of labor.

    DD1 was a c-section after 40 hours of labor.

    DD2 was a VBAC. I went into labor on my own and she was born 12 hours later.

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  • DS and DD1 are 27 months apart. DD1 and DD2 are 19 months apart.

    With DS and DD1 we were looking to have a family. And while we were not trying we were not doing anything to prevent getting pregnant. DD2 was a huge surprise as we were told another baby was probably not in our future.

    All of my LOs were vaginal deliveries. I was not induced with any of my pregnancies. DS arrived at 41w6d and my water and they broke my water 36 hours into labor. With my DDs my water broke and they arrived a couple of weeks early. 

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  • Both were vaginal deliveries.

    Dd1 was a surprise as we were told i couldn't have kids from damage I sustained from a horrible car accident. 4 yrs into our marriage... Surprise! She was born at 41 wks 13 days. I went natural with her. Extremely fast labor. No contractions, dilation, or efface meant. 12 hrs later I am in full blown labor and had a baby after 6 pushes.

    Dd2 was a spontaneous pregnancy. I just had her Thursday. A little different. She was born at 42 wks exactly. My water broke as I was leaving to go to work. No contractions. Went to the dr and was only dilated a fingertip and no effacement. 12 hrs later still no change so they had to start me on pitocin. 4 hrs later I started to have contractions and she was born a little less than 3 hrs after having my first contraction. 2 pushes and she was out and didn't have to have pain meds.

    I wouldn't have a csection unless I had to for medical reasons. Both my deliveries have been super easy and really not painful. Even with the pitocin. And while the pedi nurse is working with her I am up and getting a shower. I feel great and have been able to bounce right back and didn't even need the Motrin. I've been very blessed so far. Hoping when we decide to have 3 it will be just as easy
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