I've been pumping and supplementing with formula since LO was about 2 wks old. For a while she was getting about a third of her milk each day from me, and the rest was formula. I had what I think was a clogged duct a week or so ago and my supply plummeted, and has never really recovered. For a while I'd just pump, but over the past 3 weeks she's been nursing more but then takes nearly a full bottle afterward. I can hear her swallow but it's not swallow suck like I've read it should be at this point. I'm on fenugreek and blessed thistle and saw some improvement with them but now of course it's not so good. I obviously am unsure how much she gets while nursing but my question is how long should I continue to do this? What amount of breastmilk becomes a negligible amount as far as benefits for LO go?
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Re: Thoughts?

  • Any amount is better than none. But you need to think about your family. You need to do what is best for all of you. If you still want to work on your supply, you can look into domperidone or reglan. If weaning is best for your family, that's okay too.
    The fact that she is nursing more is good, that's the best way to boost your supply. It might be worth it to rent a scale and do lots of weighed feedings so you know how much BM LO is getting, so you know how much to supplement and how much your supply is increasing.
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    I would go see an IBCLC lactation consultant for a pre and post nursing session weigh in on a very accurate scale to see how much she is actually getting at the breast.  Many babies will down a full bottle after nursing just because the bottle is there and they like to suck.  it is not an indicator of how much milk baby is getting at the breast. 

     The recommendation of renting a scale may be valid if you have an idea of what you are looking for.  you change diaper, then weigh baby, then nurse, then weigh baby again with the same diaper on.  you are looking for a daily total taken in at the breast of 25 oz a day average.  That is how much baby takes in at the breast on average, the range is 19-30 oz regardless of how old baby is or how big.  the composition of your milk changes to meet baby's needs.

    once you know how much baby is getting at the breast, you can adjust the amount given in bottle/supplement.  you should also be pumping to try to collect the supplement amount to use brastmilk for all supplements.  this will work to raise you supply to meet baby's needs so they can wean off of needing bottles.


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