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Delivery with SPD

I was hoping someone on here who had SPD could give me some encouragement. I delivered my first at home. It was uncomplicated, but long. This pregnancy I've had SPD since 9 weeks and it has just gotten worse and worse despite PT exercises (I'm a PT), chiropractor visits, massage, and yoga. I'm starting to freak out a little bit about another home birth because I'm in such tremendous pain. 

 Anyone have SPD and deliver unmedicated? How'd it go? 

Re: Delivery with SPD

  • I had it but mine didn't start until 2nd tri. It got better towards the end but I had stopped my yoga practice and walking b/c it hurt too much. I sat around a lot b/c it felt better to. I took up walking again (just short ones) in the last three or four weeks of pregnancy and it didn't make it worse again. My labor was fine, no problems even tho LO was late. I had a home birth.
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  • I had it with DS2, but it didn't start as early as yours. I was in significant pain most of the time at the end. The delivery was fine; 3hrs start to finish. No issues with that pain during the labor or delivery. Hang in there! The end is in sight.
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  • I wouldn't worry about it.  I didn't even think about it during my labor, and it went away after the baby was born.

    My third child and second VBAC baby!
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  • Mine started around 18 weeks, and was bad enough that I was on crutches, borrowed a wheelchair, and eventually just didn't leave my apartment because I couldn't get up and down the stairs.  For some reason after 38 weeks it started to get better - maybe because her head was engaged and it helped balance things out.  The SPD was a big reason I wanted a water birth.  In the end, it didn't end up mattering all that much.  I didn't really notice it once I was in labor.  I think my brain was just so focused on the labor it kind of "forgot" to send pain signals to the area that hurt so much before.  I had no trouble (that I remember) getting in and out of the tub, walking around, etc.

    The pain was probably 80% gone right after delivery, and took a couple of weeks to get completely back to normal.

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  • I have chronic pelvic instability residual from my PG with DS1. (I am one of the unlucky few that didn't bounce back.)  I had a wonderful CPM birth with DS2. There was no way I would deliver with an OB with my pelvis that way, as I did with DS1. They just didn't get it. With DS2, I utilized water a ton and was about 3 pushes from a water birth when I needed to get out for another reason. Baby was OP until moments before delivery, so that led to a long prodromal period and  back labor in active labor, but all was well. I also used water a lot with DS1, but the medical model paired with a 60+ hour labor paired with a jacked up pelvis just didn't go well. I cheer you on with staying at home! A midwife is more likely to get it and not go with a time table, coached pushing, etc. Some sources say unmedicated is best so you don't over-extend the pelvis and not feel it.

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