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What is everyone wearing? Especially those of you who did not drop your weight right away. I feel as big as a house and am still in maternity clothes all the time. Hating it.



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  • I still wear my maternity clothes. Baby is almost 3 weeks old but I figure it took a while to gain the weight, it will probably take a while to lose all of it. My maternity clothes are slightly too big but my pre pregnancy clothes are too small so I wear too big.

    I plan on buying a couple really inexpensive pairs of pants I can wear right now just so I can be comfortable when I go out.
  • ugh, me too. I tried to go shopping for pants and just ended up in tears. I gained a lot during pregnancy, and now I can't find pants that fit. they will be ok in the hips but have a giant gap, like five inches, in the waist. no idea how to combat this.

    I have exactly two pairs of maternity Jeans that fit, and that's it for bottoms. I am just wearing and washing like every day and praying my hips shrink soon. it's Florida and it's summer...maternity Jeans are freakin too hot.

    oddly enough, my stomach has gone back to almost normal. I am pretty unhappy with this weird new body.
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  • I'm still in maternity, mostly, and LO is 7 weeks old. Some of my old tops fit but not many. None of my bottoms fit. I bought a couple of earlymaternity elastic waist bottoms from old navy and will definitely need to figure out some dress clothes for work soon. The change of season was tough too. My maternity dress clothes are mostly too big.
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  • I'm able to wear my clothes from before pregnancy but the buckle bothers my stomach on my old jeans so I will wear my short band maternity jeans if I am going out for a long period of time. I would however love to start working out but I have another week to get cleared to do anything. 
  • DH is currently putting all my maternity clothes in the attic. I fit into a few non maternity things, and almost all my dresses. I figure this is my motivation to drop the last 12 pounds.
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  • I am exclusively in maternity... I haven't even tried my regular clothes and can't! When we packed up I was 8 months pregnant. I packed everything and its with the movers in storage for another month. What was I thinking??? Lol

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  • I need to lose another 12 to 15 lbs and my problem is the flab above my waistline. I've always been super self conscious about it. I can squeeze into pre pregnancy clothes but it gives me the muffin top and I just can't do it. I have one maternity jean skirt that fits and I wear lounge pants everywhere else. I feel horrible about myself eight now.

    I leave for church depressed or in tears every Sunday because I have nothing to wear except for two black dresses that are so uncomfortable. It doesn't help that I have to dress to nurse.
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  • Luckily my life is pretty much me and the baby hanging around the house for now.  I've been living in yoga pants and tanks.  I keep a nursing bra handy for when I know someone will be coming by so I don't scare them with my national geographic boobs.

  • Yoga pants and nursing tops. Gosh it makes me feel better that I am not the only one ;)
  • I'm just wearing my normal clothes---mostly cotton tees, shorts and a lot of Lululemon workout stuff. I am nearly 3 weeks pp.

    ETA: I mean normal clothes for lounging around the house, obviously when I go back to work I'll just wear my clothes from before :) 

  • Luckily I'm not working and don't go out much. So it's sweats and yoga pants. I know I won't fit in my prepreg stuff and my maternity stuff is all for winter mostly. I have two pairs of maternity cargo that are lightweight and I wear those. It sucks. Hopefully I lose it before I go back to work in Sept.
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  • I'm able to wear most of my prepreg clothes but I have a major muffin top. I've been rotating the few flowy tops I have. I'm definitely looking forward to getting the goahead to start working out.

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    I'm very uncomfortable with my clothes and body right now. When I'm home I just wear tshirts and workout shorts. When I leave the house I wear maternity shorts since my non maternity stuff doesn't got yet. Getting dressed bums me out. 
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  • I'm wearing regular tops & dresses but maternity pants.


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  • image wcvsb3b5:
    I'm able to wear most of my prepreg clothes but I have a major muffin top. I've been rotating the few flowy tops I have. I'm definitely looking forward to getting the goahead to start working out.

    Yup, this is me too. I'm totally stuck in between maternity clothes being too big/fitting funny and prepreg clothes being a little too form fitting for my little pooch of a belly. It doesn't help that pumping is making me super hungry all the time! I feel like I never stop eating! 

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  • I haven't worn any maternity clothes since i've been home. I've been living in nighties and robes. When I go out I wear my "fat jeans". I lost a bit of weight last year, but saved a pair or two. I still need to drop 15 lbs. I predict a trip to target or thift store soon for some shorts, since none of my jean shorts fit me. 
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    I lost 20 of the 25 pounds I gained within the first couple of weeks, but I'm still really pudgy around my middle and I think my hips are bigger. I still look about 4 months pregnant! I'm still wearing my maternity jeans because they're the most flattering and comfortable jeans I have, and am wearing yoga pants and leggings the rest of the time. I need to buy a few more transitional outfits, I think.
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  • Maxi dresses, sun dresses, and bought some skirts with elastic waistbands. I've lost 30 pounds and have 15 pounds to lose to get back to prepregnancy weight, but not so sure about these hips! I'm 5 weeks postpartum.
  • I've given up on pp clothes and bought new stuff. I'm 6 weeks pp and about 12 lbs above pp weight. I don't think I'm getting into a size 0 anytime soon, and I have to go back to work next week, so I needed stuff to wear.

  • I am wearing pj pants from target that I can get away with wearing in public and nursing tanks...I JUST shaved my legs today as I was really starting to feel like I was letting myself go :/.... I think about all you ladies every morning when I get dressed and know I am not alone
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