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Getting your baby to fall asleep


It often takes forever for our 3.5 month old to fall asleep.  Sometimes he falls asleep easily while finishing his bottle but many times we are rocking him and feeding him and shushing him for 30-45 minutes.  He will really only nap while swaddled in his rock and play so we are repeating the sleep struggles multiple times a day.  On top of the awakenings at night.  We try to put him down right when he starts to get drowsy and do think we maybe a little late sometimes. 

I guess I'm wondering if this is something others are encountering?  He's our first so we don't know if we are expecting too much.

thanks :) 

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Re: Getting your baby to fall asleep

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    Dd is hit or miss. Some days she puts herself to sleep and someways I feel like all we do is try to put her to sleep. Not much help,I m sorry.




  • I know people do their routines differently, but my DS doesn't get a bottle before he goes to sleep during the day. His routine is Eat, Play, Sleep, on about a 3 hour schedule. This tends to make him a little sleepier. I never give him a bottle to put him to bed, except at night when he is cluster feeding. He is also 3.5 months old. He really likes to be swaddled and jiggled to help him fall asleep. I feel your pain, he fights his sleep something fierce!
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  • yes, DD has always been hard to get to sleep.  Just recently I've been able to rock less and put her down awake, but she's now 5 months old.
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  • I do what ever it takes for now until I feel ready to try some progressive waiting.

    I nurse to sleep if she wants, rock, sing. I close her shades, turn on the sound machine and if she is wants to nurse I will. Some days she is out right after I sit down to rock her and other days she nurses for 5 minutes and falls a sleep.

    When she goes to bed I do bath, lotion, PJs, books, singing all in her sisters room for now then I go turn on her sound machine and put her to bed. 

    She usually sleeps 8pm till about 130a and at that point I co sleep.  

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  • DD is 15 weeks and she has always been tough at bedtime!  Waiting for the day it gets easy. Some nights I have to rock or bounce her off and on for a good 30 mins to an hour.  About once a week she falls sleep easily and stays asleep.   
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