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Hey ladies!!! We are taking a 13 hour road trip with our 8 and a half month twins in 2 weeks. Yes, we're crazy! It's a family trip we go on every other year. They will turn 9 months old on the trip. So, I've already made peace with the idea that all is not going to go perfectly. We're breaking it up into two days and we'll have a car DVD player with two screens. My babies like Baby Einstein movies but I'm wondering if any of y'all with have any other movie and interactive toy suggestions that your LO loves!!! I want to introduce new toys and movies to them during the awake times.

Also, please pray for my sanity!!! :
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Re: Road trip gear

  • we took a trip to FL when our guys were almost 8  months, and took some of their favorite toys with us to get out when we made the every 2.5-3hour pit stop to walk around/crawl around.  Also, the toys made to dangle/hang from the carriers were helpful too. :)  Other than that, we just stopped A.LOT. :) A 17 hour trip took 23, but it was peaceful instead of chaotic ;)
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  • We love Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Sid the Science Kid.  Also the baby signing times videos are like baby crack around here.  GL!


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    We did NJ to GA with DS1 when he was 5 months old (17 hrs), and we just did a 6 hr drive with all 3 kids this past week. Plan as much as you can around when they sleep. What we did was anticipate stopping as often as every 2 hours, but if the babies are asleep, keep driving. Keep a close eye on road signs for places you can stop as soon as they wake if they are hungry or need a diaper change. We basically would make it a pit stop for everyone to eat, use the bathroom, change diapers. When we did the NJ/GA trip, we split it over 2 days going south, but overnight coming home. We would leave early in the morning so that DS would sleep for a few hours before needing to stop. We got DS ready for "bed" at his normal time, with the same routine as we would have done at home except for going back in the carseat instead of in the crib. He slept for a decent chunk of time during which we were able to keep driving, and then he would wake for his normal MOTN feedings when we would take a break to stretch our legs, and nurse him. 
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