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sling/wrap/carrier recommendation

Baby #3 is due in one week.  I didn't use any kind of sling, wrap or carrier with my other kids.  However, this time around, with a summer baby and being on the go so much with older kids, I think it would be useful.  

Looking for recommendations on what to buy.  I want something super easy to use and lightweight (it's hot in Iowa in the summer).  

I appreciate any input.   

Re: sling/wrap/carrier recommendation

  • I don't have a lot of experience with these, but I have the Infantino Mai Tei and I like it.  It's not too bad outside in the heat, its easy to put on with help and not too hard without help, and can be used for quite awhile in several positions.  Also, it wasn't as expensive as a lot of other carriers I looked at.

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  • Well, if I was ignoring your request for "easy to use" I'd recommend a woven or gauze wrap. They are pretty easy to use once you get the hang of tying, but some people don't appreciate the learning curve. If I was ignoring your request for "lightweight" I'd say the Moby is excellent for newborns, but it does get pretty darn hot. I only use mine around the house these days, and even then I'll sometimes use my gauze wrap instead. 

    HTH ;) 

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  • I just tried out my k'tan this morning and my 6 day old slept great in it.  It is jersey material and isn't terribly hot.  I had an ergo w/ infant insert for first kid but it is too hot for summer.

    K'tan is super easy to use.  I figured it out on the first try just following the directions.  It is essentially prewrapped so you don't have to do through the actual wrapping process just slip it on and go.

  • I use the Ergo performance, I never bought any wraps because I knew sooner or later my son would hate them (he moves a lot ever since birth) and hates being pressed up against people. the ergo performance is light weight and has mesh to breathe. I can walk outside when it is 85 degrees and 97% humitity and I am going to visit family and plan on using it in 100+ degree weather.
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  • We have both the Bjorn and the Mei Tai. Once you read the instructions and get the Bjorn set up its fantastic. My husband and I have a foot height difference and 100 lb weight difference so that is his carrier. It's fantastic for a new born and its going to he great when he's bigger because he can face forward. No matter what anyone says, the Bjorn doesn't hurt a baby's hips. I talked to 2 different pediatricians who both said its completely fine and it keeps their spines in line very well. I use the Mei Tai. I wanted an inexpensive second carrier and this one is easy to use. It's not great for a new born but my LO looks really comfy in there and snoozes. Nothing is going to be super light weight but the Mei tai isn't bad.
  • I'm 5'2" so we got the Snuggybaby which is 2' shorter in length than the Moby wrap. We (baby and me) love it! 

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  • I have a Beco and love it for once they're holding their head up.  I started DD in it around 2 months.  There is a panel between you and baby to help from both of you heating up too much.  Their prints are very cute as well :)  For newbs, I like the Moby but seeing my friend with her k'tan makes me wish I had one instead of my Moby.
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  • I have a boba and I love it! Started using it at about six weeks. No infant insert required. I do have to add a rolled up reciving blanket under her booty. To keep the weight off her legs. Im looking forward to using it as she grows.
    I tried a friends moby and it was hot! Great for a newborn.
  • I have both a K'Tan and a Beco Gemini. I have only used the K'Tan so far but I'm looking forward to using the Beco once LO is more consistent at holding her head up. Downside to the K'Tan is that it's more size restrictive so my husband cannot carry our LO in it like he will be able to with the Beco. But LO absolutely LOVES being in the K'Tan. 
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  • For our 3 week old I have a Moby wrap and a Seven sling.  The Moby is awesome, but quite warm.  I used the Seven sling today for the first time and LOVED it.  It was lightweight and worked great.  Oh, and they are FREE!  (Just pay shipping)  I'll use the Moby alot once it cools off, but until then, the Seven will get lots of use.

    Here's the link for the Free sling if you're interested.  And I got my Moby at Babies-R-Us.

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    My Babyhawk mei tai was great in the summer, though DS was about 2+ months then. I do know people who used mei tais from the get go, but I preferred the Moby wrap when he was super new. Those are really warm, though. You could look into a gauze wrap, though they have a tough learning curve. The Attachment Parenting board would probably be your best bet for help if you did decide to go that way because they have all sorts of baby carrier experts over there.
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  • Ring sling! I love mine from Sleeping Baby Productions.

    Don't get the "free" Seven slings one. It's essentially a scam site. The sling is poorly constructed and worth less than the cost of shipping.
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