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My little one is 13 weeks tomorrow.  My period returned at 8 weeks postpartum and I have been on the mini pill since 7 weeks postpartum.  My question is when your periods returned were they really irregular?  I had my period two weeks ago but today I have light spotting again?  Just wondering if it's my hormones still being out of wack! :) 


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  • I started the mini pill at 7 weeks PP and got my period almost immediately after. However I am now 12 weeks PP and have not had my period since. Took a pregnancy test just to be sure and with a huge sigh of relief I am not pregnant. So I guess my cycle is just whack or the initial period was not an actual period but just the hormones entering and leaving my body. Who knows. When I was on BC prior to LO my cycle was like clock work...
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  • Mine were irregular after I got my period back with DD at 9 months. They were just starting to get somewhat regular again when I found out I was pg with DS when DD was 17 months.
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  • Mine were super irregular [after my first] for about two months. I would have a 10 day long period and then 10 days after it stopped it would start again. They did go back completely normal though!


  • I've been EBF my LO since we left the hospital and I got my period at 4 weeks PP. My doctor and I were shocked considering LO was eating every 2-3 hours, but it was definitely irregular that I thought it was just a re-emergence of PP bleeding. I would go for a few days very light, then a week of nothing, then just over a week at super heavy (which was my normal period), a week off, then another week of heavy. I still go though this cycle but the gaps between are slowly getting longer.
  • Oh man, when mine returned, it returned with a vengeance. My PP bleeding had stopped, and I caught that I was having my period pretty early. But damn if I didn't bleed through my tampon, underwear, and pjs that night, and the tampon and pad (together!) the following. Never before had my period been that heavy. I wish someone would have told me. I lost a good pair of pjs :-(
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