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LO will be 6 weeks on Tuesday and still cluster feeds every night. Anyone else still cluster feeding? How do you make time for your hubby in the evenings? I feel like my DH is getting frustrated that I always have baby attached to me. I EBF and do not want to pump and give her bottles.


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  • What do you have against pumping and giving bottles? My daughter is still cluster feeding at 12 weeks and being able to give a bottle sometimes is a huge relief. It's also nice that she can take a bottle so I don't have to worry about leaving her. Saves my sanity.
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  • My LO was 6 weeks last week and she is still cluster feeding every night. But, she's been slowly extending her night sleeping because of it.  She's now up to 6 hours straight and to me it is so worth having her stuck to my boob from 6pm-9pm to get some solid sleep finally. 

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  • I remember the 6 week growth spurt being the worst! Hang in there, it will get better. Can you hang with your hubby while you nurse? Like, if you nurse on the couch, the 2 of you could watch TV, or if you're in bed, you could read next to each other. I'm trying to remember how we spent our time together in the early days. We also would eat dinner together, even if I was trying to feed myself over the nursing baby and even if it was pizza in bed.

    The other thing is that babies only need us this much for a short period of time. I'm not saying to neglect YH, obviously, but it won't be so long before you have more time with him again.

    You are doing a great thing for your babe. It will probably get easier, then maybe harder, and then a whole lot easier. Hang in there!!


  • I suggest a 'dinner date' at can sit down and have a nice meal while your LO is breastfeeding.
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  • Although it isn't nearly as rough as the 6 week growth spurt area, my LO is 6 months old and still likes to nurse a lot in the evenings.  Between picking her up for daycare at 3:30, and laying her in her crib for the night at 7:30, she typically wants to eat 4-5 times (which is obviously much more than during the day, when she has 2.5 to 3 hours between bottles).  Part of it is eating, but the babies also like the bonding/closeness/security that comes with nursing.  

    I might be a little type A, but if my husband would've said *anything* to me, or acted in a way that implied he was frustrated at my SIX week old baby eating... regardless of how often... I probably would've flown off the handle.  I would've given him the breastfeeding book, turned it to the 6 week area, told him to read and shut up.  Six weeks is still really little, they need to eat!  


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  • My 6 month old still cluster feeds in the evenings, but her feedings are only 5 min long so its NBD. I don't do bottles either. I did earlier on so that she would take the bottle, but between pumping, cleaning the pump and bottles and feeding the bottle, it didn't save me any time at all.
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    It is totally normal and you're probably going through a growth spurt right now. The first six weeks are rough and hubby time might have to wait until you can put the baby to bed.


     My LO still has nights (mostly Mondays) when he cluster feeds after daycare because he wants some mommy time, and he's 8.5 months old.  Yes you feel like you're getting nothing done, and have no life of your own.  But I keep reminding myself that someday he'll turn 1 or 2 or 3 and cuddle times will be few & far between.  Just sit back and enjoy it now.  I promise it does end!

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