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How many ounces breastmilk for 10 month old?

Hi everyone!  I lurk but don't post much but I have a question..


My dd is almost 10 months old and she is teething and therefore biting me badly while nursing.  We've gone through phases -- the top two teeth were the worst.  Then she stopped and now she is cutting more and so has started again.  I've tried everything to get her to stop, but she keeps doing it!  I was bleeding and horribly sore about a month ago, got healed, and now she is back at it.  So I am nursing her in the morning and then pumping for her other feedings to save myself re-injury.

 Anyway, just wondering how much I should be pumping?  I stay at home, so I've not given her bottles very often and she hasn't had formula.  She loves to eat and is eating one meal per day, but I'm sure she would eat more if I served it to her!  Just want her to keep getting enough breastmilk.

She breastfeeds usually 4 times a day.  So far, for those last 3 feeds after I nurse her in the morning, I am pumping, 6 1/2 ounces, 5 ounces, and then 4 ounces.  I assume she gets a lot in the morning when she nurses because I am very full, but have no idea how much.  Maybe 7-8 oz?

 Is this enough breastmilk for her?   She is 23+ lbs and 30 inches long, fyi.

Re: How many ounces breastmilk for 10 month old?

  • My LO drinks 3 to 4oz every 3 to 4 hours I believe.
  • DS takes 4 oz when he takes a bottle (6 oz if it's before bed). You may be able to pump more than she gets when nurses, that just depends on you and the pump. In general I'd try to keep to the rule of 25ish oz a day. That's what we've aimed for when DS has been on the bottle on the rare occasion.
  • My ds is eating 3 ish meals a day and drinks 20 ish a day. We know because he does bottles when I travel for work. He's down from the 25-28 per day he did at 6 or so months before solids. We just make sure to offer 1 ounce more Han he usually takes. So if he does 4 usually we put five ounces bm in bottle. 
  • My son is 9.5 months and he takes 5 oz per feeding and has 5 feedings, so he gets 25 oz a day plus 2 or 3 oz in his oatmeal. I exclusively pump. Hope that helps!
  • You didn't mention, but is she eating solids yet?  I've found my guy is nursing less now that he's getting more "food."  You will get more milk in the morning, so the amounts you're getting seem about right.  If you're concerned, you can always try to add a pumping session shortly after the morning when you're more full anyways.  I nurse in the morning, at lunch (on my break), he gets a bottle around 3-4, and then he nurses again before bed.  I find that when I pump in the afternoon, I only get about 4 ozs as well, but if I have to switch when he gets the bottle and I pump at lunch, I usually get a little more.  I try to have 5-6 oz in his bottle, though, so if the afternoon is light, I'll pump about 2 hours after he's down for the night, too.

    As to the biting, he's doing it a bit too, and I just quickly pull him off to let and tell him no, that hurts mommy.  I wait a few seconds before letting him back on so he can start to learn the "consequence" of biting mommy, no food.  He's definitely not biting like he had been. 


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  • The only reason I know this is because my LO was recently in the hospital and was refusing to eat while sick, so we had to meet with the hospital nutritionist. If they are eating solids (and eating well - like 3-4 ounces for 3 meals a day), the nutritionist said 20-24 ounces a day of breast milk at 9 months. Since your LO only eats once a day, you probably need a little more (keeping in mind that most solids don't have the same calorie content as breastmilk, maybe 24-28 ounces?) That apparently drops to 16-20 ounces a day by 12 months, and they continue to recommend 16-20 ounces a day of milk or WCM after 12 months.

    That being said, every baby is obviously different and if you previously didn't pump, you are probably producing the perfect amount of milk for your baby, so I wouldn't worry about any of this and would just offer what you pump. If LO doesn't finish the first bottle since you pump the most at that time, you might want to start saving a couple ounces from your first pump and add it to the following 2 bottles to even out the amounts.

  • Dd drinks 5 oz per feed but I think a little more during the first feed of the day. I guess about 25ish total or so. Maybe slightly more.  

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  • At 10 months she should probably be eating more than 1 solid food meal per day I think?  My DD is 11 months and has been on 3 meals per day for at least 2 months.  When she does take a bottle instead of nursing she generally eats 3.5-4 ounces.  She nurses about 4 times per day.  But again I would try and add in some more solid meals.  
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