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how long?

How long is your LO awake for their longest stretch of the day? my DD has been taking a long morning nap and early afternoon nap from 1 to 2.5 hours each but then is basically awake from two till bedtime with maybe a catnap thrown in. She keeps fighting the late nap and it is only thirty minutes but that means she is awake so long! Anything I have tried to get her longer naps to move backfires and equals less sleep so I just wanted to see how long your long awake stretches are. My DD usually is asleep around 630 to 730 at night.
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Re: how long?

  • 2 to 3hrs is her longest stretch and that's before bedtime. Any longer then that and she's a crazy mess
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  • 3-4 hours in the middle of the afternoon
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  • Up until 3 or 4 weeks ago, he used to never be awake more than 2 hours. Now he practically refuses naps except for one long one at around 2. So he's awake 9ish to 2ish, nap until 4ish, then bedtime is 9. He's 5.5 months.

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  • My LO does similarly to yours with one morning nap, one afternoon nap, and then up til bedtime. Both naps are around 1 hour. His longest stretch then is usually like 3pm to 8:30pm. I was worried it wasn't enough sleep, but he doesn't get crabby so I'm starting to accept that this is just how it will be.
  • This sounds a lot like us. My DS still takes 3 naps a day. His longest awake time is from his last nap ending around 4pm until whenever he is ready for bed usually between 6 or 7pm. 
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  • I am hoping my LO gets here soon. We still nap about 4 time a day. She will sometimes go 2 hrs and sometime only 1 hr between naps. I think it's because she still cat naps. Most morning naps are about 45 min. Abiut 4 out of 7 days she'll take a 2 hr afternoon nap but sometimes not. I am so ready for her to start consolidating naps and being up longer. She just gets so grumpy when she is tired. She is 5 months today.

  • Yeah, I think DD is trying to consolidate to two naps but she just cannot handle being up from 2 to 7 yet and is just a fussy mess so we still need to fight her for a thirty minute nap in the afternoon.  I tried moving bedtime earlier but then she is up at 4 something in the morning and I tried keeping her up longer before her morning naps and then she got overtired and shortened them even more so then i just got 5 catnaps.  Dumb.  I am hoping in the next few weeks they will either space themselves out into two good naps or she will grow to tolerate the long afternoon awake stretch with more happiness.  It is amazing how much of my time is spent analyzing a timy person's rest :)
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  • She's been taking 3 1 hour long naps all before about 4pm and then stays up until about 8. She seems to do ok but is definitely dead tired by bedtime.

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  • Lately? Naps are becoming harder to come by. R has been going 4 to 5 hours with me trying to get her down for over an hour. Yeah whole other story there.

    By the end of the night both of our eyes are so red.
  • DD only naps while I'm feeding her & she spends a lot of the day awake. I try to lay her down but she won't sleep, it's so hard!
  • DD is typically awake for 2ish hours between naps during the day, but sometimes she stretches her last awake time before bed into more like 3-4 hours depending on whether she takes one last cat nap.  Some days she does sleep, sometimes she doesn't.  It also depends on what time she woke up from her last nap before that.

    If your DD is up from 2-6.30/7.30 is she fine during that time or does she get meltdown fussy?  Have you tried moving her bedtime to earlier?  6.30/7.30 is definitely a typical bedtime, but that's a long stretch to be awake!  However, if she seems fine with it I wouldn't worry.  

    ETA: Nevermind, I saw your answer above.  Yeah... I would say if you tried to switch it up a little and it didn't work out I would probably just let her natural rhythm be and I would guess she'll work it out here soon.  Just make sure you're watching for those tired cues and jump on them when you see them to try to get her to sleep!

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  • 2-3 hours but I start watching for his tired cues at the 2 hour mark because if he gets too tired he loses it. Like goes zero to bat sh!t crazy in a matter of minutes. Which is not enjoyable! He does have his longest stretch (almost 3 hours) before bed. He typically takes to longer naps morning and early afternoon and then sometimes a cat nap between 3 and 4 before going to bed at 7. 
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  • Typically no more than 2 hours. Sometimes if we are out or busy 3 hours.
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  • DS only takes 2-3 naps a day and the only one that is consistent is the morning nap, which is 1.5 hr after he wakes up in the morning and usually lasts 45min-1hr.  He will usually take another in the early afternoon (starting sometime between 11am and 1pm) and this one has ranged from 45min to the longest of 3hr but an hour is generally good.  If he takes a third nap, it can start anywhere from 3pm to 6pm and is a short one - about 20-45min.  So, he can sometimes be awake from 2pm until bedtime (8:30-9pm).  He has always been a cat napper and is generally happy, even with the long afternoon wake-time.  He started STTN this week so we will see how that affects his napping.  
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